Sunday Soul – I AM RISING

Year 11 – Playlist 45/52 – Art, essay and music for the week of February 22nd 2015

This week we transition from a “we” society into an “I” society, and I take cheap potshots at the phone company, as well as struggle with the 20th century ideas of sociopatholoy as philosophy, empathy, and the timeless notion of love. Good, difficult reading and really yummy tunes that you won’t be awesome without.

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  1. Dan Mascari:

    nicely written piece, although I don’t completely agree that Bernay’s ideas about public opinion/consumption were as you say, “brand new in 1919.” I agree that he codified uncle Sigmund’s ideas about the psyche into business/marketing/PR speak. Anyway, you write as well as you make music, which is to say amazingly. Thank you.

  2. Sunshine:

    Bernays at least debuted the handbook on these practices and initiated their widespread use. He argued deeply in his first book about the difference between advertising and sales vs what he was talking about – thus my assertion that his thinking was brand new at the time. But yes, governments and capitalists lied and manipulated prior to 1919. That’s true Dan.