Sunday Soul – HIGH & DRY

Year 11 – Playlist 26/52 – Music for the week of October 12th 2014

This week I am writing to you from sunny and beautiful Los Angeles. After an inspirational conversation with my kid sister I decided to ask myself some of the hard questions, and search myself for solutions about the whole “us” and “them” idea. And while I don’t feel I’ve got anything to lose by taking my own suggestions here, I definitely learned a lot about the Dewey Decimal System… Meanwhile I took some beautiful desert canyon photographs, and revisit some of my favorite Sunday Soul classics in this gentle reminder that there’s a great big beautiful real world right here in front of your pretty face.

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  1. Kim:


  2. JJ Bole:

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. Audrey Jane:

    sunshine playing black sabbath. my life will never ever be the same.

  4. Dan Earle:

    Powerful writing there brother.