Sunday Soul: Heart’s Desire : November 25th 2007


Sunday Soul is a weekly digital transmission from the Treehouse in San Francisco
10pm until 1am (Eastern Time -5 GMT)
and again
10pm until late night (Pacific time -8 GMT) on


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  2. All done for tonight. Thank you for listening.

  3. Here’s the track listing for Sunday Soul: Heart’s Desire

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Klaus – Riley Reinhold
    * Invocation/challenge
    3. Effective Placebo Affect – In Flagranti
    4. Midnight – OrtzRoka
    5. A Bomb Inside My Heart – Paulo Rocha
    6. 4 Funkin’ Deepdancin’ – Fresh & Low
    7. Make My Heart – Latrice
    8. Closer To You – Latrice
    * Closer to my heart
    9. Fatale – Christian Prommer Remix – The Dining Rooms
    10. The Oldest Story – Dub – Swag
    11. I Need – Hug & Pepp Remix – Robert Owens
    * Thoughts on the concept of “need”
    12. Sean – Eric’s 2WFU – Aya
    13. Hope – Tiger Stripes
    14. Lonely Planet – Shit Robot
    15. Leftorium – Dale Anderson
    16. Love Chains – The Bionics
    17. Straight From The Heart – DIFYL
    18. Meine – Daso
    19. Moov – Long Version – Francois K
    20. King of Hearts – Chris Micali
    21. Heart is to the Left – Unai **
    22. Night Drive – Juan Atkins
    23. Broken Heart – Panyard
    24. Rouge – Frontera
    25. Curious – Stevie Kotey Remix – Son of Sound
    26. Hold On – Instrumental – Holy Ghost!
    27. Soulboy – Ian Preece
    28. Elements of Life – Drums – Masters at Work
    29. Additional Alpha Blocker – In Flagranti
    30. Alone – Tennishero
    31. Gabin – Kiko Navarro Re Edit – La Maison
    32. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    33. It’s What You Do – Orogone
    34. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    * Live Vocals and ReEditing
    ** East coast Broadcast Only

    Total Running Time: 3″ (give or take)

    This was an interesting show. It sounds a lot better listening back than it felt to actually mix it. My control surface died on me in the middle of last week’s program, and so I connected the outs of my audio card to my Xone:92 DJ Mixer and worked with that this week. Naturally it was impossible to resist adding vinyl and a couple CD’s into the program in addition to digital files. I welcomed the challenge of mixing between the platforms, but something just felt a little out of control. A poignant reflection of the theme itself, perhaps.

    Support was beautiful, attendance was ok, and the chat was flowing like crazy-pants. A couple of times I actually got so into the conversation about technique that I overlooked a few opportunities to mix as well as I could have. Hehehe. Embarassing, but worthwhile in this arena.

    My heart’s desire is to fully express these threads of ideas, and mosaics of music with you, for you, and together, to work through them and come out the other side better people, purged, and relieved, happier for having taken the journey.

    Maybe this week’s theme was premature, but for me, these are pertinent questions, and though I took it all a little too seriously, I tell you that now, 12 hours later, I do feel healed in some way. More together. More hopeful than I did yesterday.

    The archive is currently loading up to the server at Treehouse Muzique, and will be available later on today.
    Thank you so much for listening and for joining me in this endeavor.


  4. The archive for this broadcast is up now.

    : )