Sunday Soul – heart, mind, body and soul – April 3rd 2011

” how i love you “

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  1. Sunshine:

    Sunday Soul is live now!
    Join us

  2. Sunshine:

    we’ve reached the end of our beautiful journey for this week.
    thank you for listening.
    see you next week.

    i love you.

    Good night.

  3. Sunshine:

    Last saturday night one of my favorite bands gave their final performance at Madison Square Garden in New York City. LCD Soundsystem have had my complete attention and managed to maintain it for years. Founder and disaffected braniac James Murphy, it seems, believes that a band is supposed to accomplish certain things and then pass into the mists of history. Kill yourself while you’re still relevant is not a new idea. Deborah Harry sang “Die young, stay pretty” in an era of heroin and complete social irrelevance. It was a love cry of the end of the seventies which enabled a lot of people who could no more leave the vip room of studio 54 than they could put down the syringe and walk out into the light of whatever was on it’s way. So it was a mantra, a glamourous way of saying “fuck it.”

    I agree that no one wants to end up like Keith and Mick, 30 years out of date, still jumpin’ jack flashing because a fan tweeted that they’d like to hear that song well into your seventies. Turns out sucking in the seventies meant something different than we thought it did. But to extinguish yourself, bid the world farewell, and say goodnight in favor of drug abuse, depression, self-destruction as opposed to having the courage to work through these things in public leaves me with more respect for Amy Winehouse and her insistence that she can do whatever she wants and is going to. The attempt to die young and leave a beautiful corpse appears to be a manufactured response to the icons of the late 20’s century – James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Sal Mineo, Bob Marley, and everyone who made a couple hit singles, or interesting movies and then drowned, or choked on their own puke, or left us with nothing but a memory of a great party and a handful of beautiful photographs. You live forever in the hands of the capitalist pigs who are now free to exploit you until the end of time.

    What about Elvis? I’m not a fan, but we honor that dude like he’s some sort of swaggering, handsome uber-talent – wheat pasting up photographs of him at 17 and declaring him “the king.” Truth is that fat pig died in a toilet stall in Hawaii at barely 40 years old trying to curl one out. He took speed in the morning to wake up, and hit the barbiturates hard in the evening to chill out and approach something like comatose sleep. He muttered the words to his songs in a semi permanent revue show wearing an Evil Kenevil costume, barely able to hold on. So maybe it’s not about dying young at all. Maybe it’s just about being dead, and leaving anyone behind to exploit your corpse. Not really a life lesson per se, rather, a sad reflection of the world we live in.

    So maybe the end of lcd soundsystem is something more akin to G. G. Allen’s endless threat of a live suicide on stage, ending his life on accident eventually, nowhere near a stage. I think James Murphy’s genius is something which may not be explored, or exposed. He is a man of our times, and a smart, capable, and beautiful one at that. I am so grateful for every moment of his career thus far, and the legacy of DFA which will continue on (I hope) and keep the vibe alive. Rare are the few who can say it right, and do it to it, and then hang up their hats and walk off stage when it’s time to go. Good night James, I can’t wait for what’s next.

    For myself – I am not giving up. I think that I’m blessed to never have brushed more than the heels of any sort of fame and thus I get to remain potent, and present and able to express myself on my own terms. I love house music – which to me includes lcd soundsystem and absolutely anything which can be syncopated, looped, and mixed – Though in the past i certainly have given up. Oh yes I have. In 2001 I “quit dj’ing.” I’d never been a “DJ” per se – my interest in mixing records was only to play music for myself and for my friends. I lost my way and forgot that. So I hung it up. That same year, ‘Do It Now’ was meant to be Dubtribe’s final 12″ single. I was done, and it was over and I didn’t want to twirl my way into the cognac sipping, silk shirt version of the nightclub as it was expressing itself at that time. Dubtribe played their last tour in 2005 and for the last 18 months Moonbeam and I have been touring again, and are considering making a new album. I broke up with my last girlfriend not less than 9 times before finally developing something like a healthy boundary and stepping away from the action – and who knows, right? every time I see her we get back together because we love the shit out of each other, and I remain a complete sucker for her magic so maybe we’ll go for the gold and make it a dozen…

    What is the end? Where does this begin? What role do we play in the mosaic of events, projects, parties, performances, and retroactive fascinations which degrade into movements with new names? I couldn’t tell you. But what I can say is that these are absolutely inspirational times for music and art. I’ve never heard the broad and beautifully ingenious sounds like what’s coming out of every corner of the world like I am hearing right now. It can all be re edited – far easier than ever before – and it can all be pitched down to syncopate into my mosaic and rock to the rhythm of my heart, my mind, my body, and my soul. It’s true, sometimes I feel completely alone in this world, but I have to offer up that this isn’t true. I’m no isolated lover of vulnerability and beauty. It’s the egoism of my humanity, prying at the plastic seals of my heart, attempting to break me apart, and hoist me up into the vacuum of space so that I will forget myself, sit back in my private island’s living room and watch my name dissolve into nothing before my nearsighted eyes. Who knows… stranger things have happened. I said house was ours, and we stumbled and dropped it in the dark. I said you’d never see my ass on MTV, and AMP did a special on me. My antagonism at Great Adventure in New Jersey riled an audience into raising every single one of their fists into the air was captured on film, and presented as the audience’s reaction to another DJ and my work, my heart, my thoughts weren’t even included in the film at all. I keep getting erased from the history books. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    I love you with my heart, my mind, my body and my soul. I wanted to bring you something so sweet, personal, intimate, and fragile tonight. I wanted to say it sweetly, but after my crazy trip to Washington DC, and then Chicago the next night, by the time I got back here to my treehouse all I could do was mix, listen, and love you. And that’s all I did.

    Good night lcd soundsystem, goodnight elvis, goodnight hippies, goodnight moon, goodnight cup, goodnight ravers, goodnight sweet loving souls everywhere.

    See you next week!

    Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul – heart, mind, body and soul:

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Amaranth Sleeping – Tingly
    * introduction
    3. Unlimited Love – 78Edits
    * my mind doesn’t know anything about love
    4. Days – Soul Clap Remix – CREEP
    5. Same Sun – Prins Thomas Karaoke Version – Boozoo Bajou
    * not to my heart
    6. Devotion – The Groovers
    7. Who You Are – Junior Boys Remix – Zwicker
    8. Innaspace – The Revenge
    * thinking about showing me who you are
    9. Still Going Theme – Still Going
    10. Moustache – Prins Thomas DiskoMixs – Blackjoy
    11. Bonaire – Al Usher Remix – Dutch Rhythm Combo
    12. Dayshift – Oliver’s Nightshift Remix – Juan Atkins
    13. Keep On – Andy Hart
    14. Feelin’ – Nacey Remix – Will Eastman
    * open up your heart
    15. Square One – Rub n’ Tug Remix – Coldplay
    16. Straight to the Point – Malistix Remix – Isabelle Antena
    17. Twilight – Martinez
    * where is your heart? and what have you done with my mind?
    18. The Revolution – Rocco
    * i feel beautifully free
    19. Dream Machine – Spirit Catcher
    20. Like A Star – Main – Alister Johnson
    21. The Spirit – The Groovers
    22. Pure – Jay’s Original Vocal – Blue Six
    23. Water Business – Max Essa
    24. Crave You – Flight Facilities
    25. Look Right Through – Vox – Storm Queen
    26. Small Fries – Djuma Soundsystem
    27. Four Million Miles – Sunshine Jones
    28. Rush Hush – Rivera Rotation
    29. We Are What We Are – Sunshine Jones
    30. Love Hurts – Cats n Dogz Emo Clubbing Remix – Florian Kruse
    31. Take My Breath Away – Gui Boratto
    * all that your heart needs
    32. Too Much Love – LCD Soundsystem
    33. Whatever Makes You Happy – Urban Soul
    * I don’t think I mind
    34. Free Your Mind – N’ Dinga
    35. Soul Touching – Sunshine Jones Remix – Statedlife
    36. I Wanna Give You Devotion – Soul Mix – Nomad
    37. Saturn Strobe – Pantha Du Prince
    38. Jericho – Weekend Players
    39. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    40. Wake Up Everybody – Psychemagik
    41. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running Time: 03 Hours 55 Minutes 25 Seconds
    * Performed Live

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    Thank you for listening. See you next week!

  4. Fabio Eleuteri:

    In the music …….with LOVE !!!!

  5. Sari:

    The world is a much better place with Your participation in it. “Thank You” seems so banal, given the gravitas of the sentiment, but it’s a start. Thank You, Sunshine. ♥ ♥ ♥

  6. Grant:

    you just got me nostalgic for the days of coffee on the back stairs of bryant st.

  7. Kelley Desmond:

    Sunshine you should consider writing a book! you are a magnificent writer!!

  8. Christopher Milo:


  9. Ocean's Edge:

    “I keep getting erased from the history books. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” –> I don’t really have much to comment on except that I found this line compelling.

    I ♥ this about you, Sunshine… I guess just another thing on the list of things I love about you :)

  10. Unbreakable Sluggo:

    I love your beautiful words.

  11. Silent Sister:

    thank you. perfect..keep going. *hug*

  12. Jeneva:

    “You are what you are” ~ GG Allin

  13. Finn:

    right to the heart of the matter as ever! (honoured to be part of your sets brother:)