Sunday Soul: Harder : October 21st 2007



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  4. Tonight’s show was inspirational for me. Everyone came out in force, and it was great to see everyone. The chat was fun, and I wanted to offer special thanks to my friends who turned out for the east coast broadcast and hung in there all the way through the pacific broadcast. 6 hours. What fun!

    I developed the theme Harder based on a challenge I wanted to set before myself. I am, it seems, deeply inspired these days. It’s an amazing time for music. So much great music is coming out all the time that I have really internalized this sound I am sculpting as a producer, a performer and as a DJ. But that doesn’t change some of the insecurity, or self reflection I undergo when faced with a new crowd, in a new place, or an old crowd, people with expectations. Based on this doubt, and feeling of insecurity, I wanted to challenge myself as an artist.

    Whenever I doubt myself creatively, my process, or my thinking, I turn to the Brian Eno deck of cards called “Oblique Strategies.” I simply pull one out of the deck, and while I almost always feel like the one I pulled out isn’t very good, or doesn’t apply, this tells me that I need to spend some time with the words written on the card, and let it really sink in.

    This week’s card was Determine your pattern. Abandon it.

    As a rule I have operated on the premise that “hard and fast” is for kids. We are living in times where disposable, and forgettable escapism is the rule. We like a “funky” track, but we never know who wrote it. We seem to want to drink to forget, and dance to feel alive, but the concept of gathering and opening our hearts appears to be deeply out of fashion both in theory and practice. So I play slower, deeper, more personally as a challenge. A matriculation if you will based on the idea that you are awake, sensitive, intelligent, and sentient.

    I recognized my essential métier, and I abandoned it. I committed to this program being not less than 125 bpm throughout, without exception, and each track would be driven in some way. I applied stark eq, harsh filtering, strong delay, and passionate feelings in my vocals. I played harder and made every effort to make a statement about spirit, community, motion and rhythm in much the same way I would under my ordinary set of choices.

    Here is the track listing of tonight’s program:

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Ride This Train feat. Mark Ralph – Munich Dub – Ashley Beedle
    3. Berghain – Aril Brikha
    4. C’est Robotique (Hard Robot) – Soul Mekanik
    5. Pushin – Adam K, Dataworx
    6. Crunch – Mark Knight – Toolroom
    7. Spiritual Sense – Bongoloverz Remix – Desert Pearl
    8. To Begin – Aril Brikha
    9. Fuzion – Pierre Point
    10. Acid House Music – Deep Groove
    11. Sweet Temptations – Ocean Dub – Feela
    12. Dark Flies – Baldelli & Dionigi
    13. Give Me Love – Coburn
    14. Basic Bass – Marcus Meinhardt
    15. Electrikiss – K Scope
    16. Tease – Evil Eddie Richards
    17. Original – Phonique
    18. Milk – Dusty Kid
    19. Distant Vision – Sunshine Jones
    20. P 2 Da J – Tiger Stripes Remix – Dennis Ferrer
    21. Oosh – Groovemates
    22. Automatica – Fabrice K. Blinktronic Remix – Codebreakers
    23. Tribal Land – DJ Naz
    24. Elem – Kiko Navarro Remix – Dazzle Drums
    25. Cloe – Electro House Mix – Gennaro Rossi
    26. Spooning – Elmar Schubert
    27. Gemini – Slope
    28. 1905-06-09 – Woolfy
    29. Planetarium – Chymera
    30. It’s Gonna Work Out – Main Vocal Mix – Mood II Swing
    31. Another Day (Reprise) – Telepopmusik
    32. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    33. Bring Back The Love – Prins Thomas Remix – Bebel Gilberto
    34. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running Time: 2′ 57″ 03

    The archive will be posted into the footer of the bulletin board at Treehouse Muzique later on today and will be available for download, and listening on the web until next sunday when a new archive replaces it.