Sunday Soul – gone into longer days – March 13th 2011

lay your head down
and close your eyes
let your heart beat furiously in your ears
and your mind roam free
into longer days

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  1. Sunshine:

    Sunday Soul is live now!
    Join us

  2. Sunshine:

    all done for this week.
    thank you for listening.
    don’t forget to change your clocks tonight!

    see you next week LIVE from Asheville, North Carolina
    featuring Sunshine, Tre Damit, and Josh
    Fuckin’ Party!

  3. Statedlife:

    thank you for a beautiful soul saving program tonight

    always moving . . . always an adventure! ♥

  4. Ian Dicey:

    Couldn’t have said it better Matthew.

  5. Marie Jolly:

    Can’t wait sir!! See ya in a week!! :)

  6. Sunshine:

    Last night everyone who participates in daylight savings time set their clocks forward an hour at midnight – so in north america I’m excluding Arizona, Hawaii, and the american territories of Guam, Samoa, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands but including about 70 countries around the globe. The idea of DST – daylight savings time – comes from an essay by Benjamin Franklin written in 1784 titles “The Economical Project” from which the concept of increasing the number of daylight hours for people who work outside was popularized, and eventually championed and adopted. I have some faded memory of it originally being a 2 hour leap from when I was a child. Dark at 8am and still light out at 9 – but that doesn’t bear any accuracy for me because I also have absolutely vivid recollections of butterflies being the size of my head from around the same time.

    Benjamin Franklin was a strange fellow. He was adamantly opposed to the American colonies separating from mother England prior to the revolutionary war. His illegitemate son William was in favor of independence. They fought bitterly over this and broke, never to reunite. When Franklin decided that he was wrong – he never said that actually, rather he just changed his knickers from ruffled ones into plain ones, donned his signature tri cornered cap, and fought against George III (with his words) – his son had become Colonial Governor of New Jersey and aligned with his Father’s original position (in favor of England) and again, they fought bitterly.

    Franklin was a statesman, a lady’s man, a ponce, arguably the first blogger, a companion of Mozart and Beethoven, a man of means, leisure and many ideas. We have Franklin to thank for the concept of harnessing electricity by way of the lightning rod, the bi-focal lense, the urinary catheter, the glass armonica, the water tight compartmental concept for modern ships, the modern furnace, the odometer, and he invented that strange device you can buy now at county fairs with a lever on one end, a long pole attached, and a clamp on the other end. Sometimes these novelties have animal faces on the end and they’re fun for antagonizing your date with, but Franklin used them to grab books off his considerable shelves when he got too old to climb a ladder, and no one else was around to help him.

    I love nothing more than lingering in the evening’s pacific sun at 8pm in San Francisco. When the days grow longer and the sun sets later and later I feel a communion and harmony with the world. My heart and my hopes rise and I feel a beautiful connection with all things. It’s a magical time and I’ve been very excited about changing my clocks. I feel change in the air, things are really getting good. This year has been a motherfucker and an inspirational period of growth and productivity all at once so far. I can feel it coming. Can’t you?

    I wanted to express my delight with the arrival of daylight savings time. I wanted to juxtapose the past with the future. I played vinyl, cd’s and digital files tonight – at times struggling with the impossible transitions between a live record and a perfectly syncopated techno mp3 – but all in all I wanted it that way. We can’t spring forward until we’ve let go of the past (or at least celebrated it.) I wouldn’t want to launch you out upon the surf of longer days knowing you were bound to the past, and destined to come flying back into regret, or the remorse of things which are done and gone, no longer happening.

    That said and expressed, here is the track listing for Sunday Soul – gone into longer days:

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Gone Gone – Pieter Nooten
    * intro
    3. When We Kiss – Bardeux
    4. Lost In Time – Yousef
    * your body
    5. While You Were Sleeping – Dub Version – Sunshine Jones
    * while you were sleeping, love came and went
    6. Never Let Me Go – Aeroplane Remix – The Human League
    7. Sake – In Flagranti Remix – Jupiter
    8. Gone Years – J&S Project
    9. Time To Be Free – Free Words – Basil
    10. Hot Tasty Love – instrumental – Zest
    11. This Beat Is Mine – Vicky “D”
    12. One Hundred Times – Max Essa
    * shout out for peace and love
    13. I Got Your Back – Sunshine Jones
    14. Robot – Dousk
    15. When The Summers Gone – Soul Minority
    16. Warm Sun On My Face – Sunshine Jones *
    17. Time To Come – Ilya Santana
    * time coming now
    18. Take Me Over – Midnight Magic Remix – Cut Copy
    19. Such A Feeling – parts 2 and 3 – LeBaron Edit – Aurra
    20. Gone – Harrison Crump
    21. Gone – Meloman, Javi Bora
    22. Niton (The Reason) – Pryda 82 Remix – Eric Prydz
    23. Under Your Spell – Desire
    24. Valentine’s Day – Marcin Czubala
    25. The Struggle – Maxxi Zeus
    26. Time Steals the Day – Milosh
    27. Theme From Great Cities – Naum Gabo
    28. Four Million Miles – Sunshine Jones
    29. Gone – Luke Quaid
    30. All Night Long – Mood II Swing
    31. Work – Prins Thomas Remix – Junior Boys
    32. Hit On You – Projections
    33. Checking You Out – Aurra
    34. Love Come Down – Evelyn Champaign King
    35. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    36. Everything Trying – Damien Jurado
    37. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running Time: 03 Hours 24 Minutes 03 Seconds
    * Performed Live

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    Notes about the next two weeks or so:
    I’m hitting the road on Friday morning and playing Atlanta, Georgia on Friday March 18th, Tallahassee, Florida on Saturday March 19th, and next week’s Sunday Soul will be another Unlimited transmission live from the BoBo Gallery in Asheville, North Carolina – This time featuring our own Tre Damit and Josh – On Sunday the 20th of March.

    Then I’ll be headed up to Philadelphia to spend a few precious days with my son, and there’s some dubious talk of a Dubtribe show in Miami on the 24th of March (but I doubt it) and if all the flights get arranged I’ll be playing in Pittsburgh, PA on Friday the 25th and in theory I will be home in time for Sunday Soul from San Francisco on the 27th of March. More about this blurry week soon.

    And if you’re really up for it, I’m playing old school night at the U-Street Music Hall on Friday April 1st in Washington DC – Thinking 1993 for this one, maybe a little 88, and a little 78 too – And the next night, April 2nd Dubtribe are definitely performing live at Cafe Lura with Kristopher Muse in Chicago!

    Thank you for listening. See you next week!

  7. Shanna Cross:

    I love you ♥ Thank YOU for always giving so much ♥

  8. Ocean's Edge:

    “We can’t spring forward until we’ve let go of the past (or at least celebrated it.)” <– Amen to that.
    The process of letting go is finally becoming easier…

    Looks like you have a busy few weeks/months ahead of you… So glad you are spreading your love and music all around the country… They need you just as much as we do :) ♥ ♥ ♥ (:

  9. Donovan:

    we ♥ you, brother.

  10. Melanie Plant: