Sunday Soul – Eros & Psyche – love songs for the end of the world – December 30th 2012

” We open our arms to love, but we dare not open our eyes “

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  1. Sunshine:

    Sunday Soul is live now
    Join us!

  2. Sunshine:

    Thank you for listening.
    Happy New Year! Good night!

  3. Sunshine:

    The myth of Eros and Psyche is a wonderful story. I chose the Aesop version to read during this transmission not because I felt it was the most accurate translation, or because I felt it really had an redeeming value for us, but because it is the most innocuous and naive. While I think that many of us are postured cynically against love and all it’s idealism and seeming naivety we continue to see love as something raised up, apart from us, and we respond in our lives to the seeming lack of love, or disappointment that love brings. In a way this is missing what love actually is, and sadly solidifying our resistance to it, rather than “protecting us” or helping us to “heal.” If I’m not talking about you that’s fine. I’m writing categorically here both for emotional impact as well as mass appeal. It’s hard to reach everyone, and often to cast a broad net is a way of excluding everyone, but I’m going to speak pretty generally about this so if you dare, or if you care – read on.

    The noted psychologist Carl Jung wrote in great detail about the concept of “projection.” The concept isn’t Jung’s. It comes from Aristotle attempting to work out what is real, and what is not real. Jung made excellent work of the concept. In simple terms it means that when I look into your beautiful eyes I can’t help but project my hopes and dreams, devotion and light. It’s what I’m doing when I tell a stranger “You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen” or when I tell my dear friend “You make me feel so free.” It’s true, but it’s not really you. It’s me. I’m sending my love out, and it is reflecting in you. I can only see it because you’re there as a mirror. It’s human, it’s natural, and it’s not bad, but I don’t really see you.

    We also counter-project: So when I tell you how free you make me feel, internally you respond. One may feel “Wow, he sees me as a healer, a love, a light that makes him feel free!” Or one might think “Dude, what a creep – he’s trying to totally fuck me right now!” The reaction doesn’t matter (that’s a subject of another transmission for another time) but the fact is that my projections cause you to internally project and counter project (regardless of what my intentions or your reaction may be.) It is a lot of responsibility to be “the most beautiful thing I have ever seen” isn’t it? What are you supposed to do with that? What if you make a mistake? What if your mascara runs and blurs all over your face and you look like a raccoon? Then what will happen? What if you find out I really am trying to fuck you? Oh no… then what will happen?

    In relationship, we project. And then one day we find ourselves sitting in front of a stranger. Life and all of her realities and stress have a way of working on projected love. We change, our other changes, and life’s march brings unexpected things. We can’t stay in a bubble. No matter how hard we try, it’s probably impossible. This is the moment when the “mirror cracks.” In our modern world this is the moment when we leave. Divorce rates are so high not to accept that we are raised to expect “true love,” and cynically settle for financial compensation, or at least “half.” It sucks, but the process appears by statistics alone to be the ugly truth we have come to accept about romance, partnership of any kind, and even friendships.

    By offering up the myth of Eros and Psyche I wanted to show that this moment when the mirror cracks – when your husband is a fat idiot and all he does it work and burp, or your wife is exhausted and wearing sweats, asleep before the news is over, or your “love” is embittered and seemingly lost beneath a pile of debt, children and broken promises – that this is not the end of anything. This is where love truly begins. The mirror cracks, illusion is demolished (in whole or in part) and a new heart is revealed.

    I’m sure that you, like me, need and expect your friends to really be there for you when you’re down. Not to hold you up, not to solve your problems, not to correct, monitor or fix you, but to be there with the compassion and love of the angels – stand shoulder to shoulder beside you and love you while you pull yourself together. And, I think it’s fair to say that that’s what your friends expect from you too. Our troubles begin the moment we start to project, and counter project. We tell lies, we create masks, we imagine what others think and feel, and we react to these hallucinations. “Reality” becomes so lost to us that we are all wandering around with broken hearts, blindfolded, and aching for truth. It’ is always imagined to be found in the “other.” We never seek it within ourselves. And if we do, it is a solitary journey. Then love walks in again, and we resume projection. Again, projection isn’t “bad.” Projection is natural, human, and normal. But to hold this idea that this is in fact what we do, and true love is not some distant silliness, but it is this very moment where the mirror shatters before our very eyes and we remain, we stay, we open wider and love each other as human beings who get tired, wear sweats, burp, fart, weep, wail and desire… Then we begin to really love each other.

    This is journey through “hell” that Eros and Psyche (desire and love, self and soul, me and you, heart and mind) journeyed through in order to live “happily ever after,” and it’s the journey I wish for, and hope to take with you.

    And so with all of my truest love, here is the track listing for Sunday Soul – Eros & Psyche:

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Yulunga – Dead Can Dance
    * introduction
    3. Radar – Michael Mayer Remix – Hauschka
    * The myth of Eros & Psyche – Aesop – part I
    4. Re: Stacks – Tomas Barfod Remix – Bon Iver
    * The myth of Eros & Psyche – Aesop – part II
    5. Vol.1 – Track 3 – Eros
    6. Knock Me Out – Deep & Disco Edit – DD25
    7. We Love Big Lights – Keep Schtum Digifunk Re-Edit – Average White Band
    * The myth of Eros & Psyche – Aesop – part III
    8. Down The Road – Soul Minority
    9. Warm Sun On My Face – Sunshine Jones *
    10. I Want You Back in My Bed – LNTG Edit – SOS Band
    11. Listen – Chopstick & John Jon
    12. Tunnel Vision – Audiojack
    13. A Feelin’ – Off Da Clock Remix – RiCHARD.GEAR
    14. Time to Jack – Chip E
    * The myth of Eros & Psyche – Aesop – part IV
    15. Her Eyes Are Stars – Shooting Stars At 2 AM – Stryke
    * the myth deconstructed (Jungian projection vs. counter projection and possible resolution offered)
    16. It’s No Good – Henner & Green Remix – Depeche Mode
    17. Normal – Novatek
    18. Why Don’t You Answer – SirBilly Edit – Eberhard Schoener
    19. Cuz Youre The One – Daniel Bortz
    20. Stand On The Word – UnaBombers LoveTouch – Joubert Singers
    21. Never Say Never – Lane 8 Rework – Brandy
    * the endless distraction of desire and ego vs. the purity of love and light
    22. For My Love – Barnabun
    23. The Absurdity Of Possession – Sunshine Jones *
    24. Fill Up My Heart – Sunshine Jones *
    25. The Fall – Rhye
    26. You Need It – Detroit Swindle’s ‘Never Enough’ Interpretation – Deep Future
    27. Sark Island Acid – Legowelt
    28. Love We Have – Alexkid
    29. Footprints – Stratus
    * don’t know where, don’t know why
    30. All Night Dub – Cole Medina
    31. You’ll Never Know – Dean ‘Sunshine’ Smith
    32. The One – Ordonez
    33. Walk A Mile – Cuebur Mix – Nathan
    * true love begins when projection ends – where the mirror cracks, our hearts break open and a new heart is revealed.
    34. Deep Suprise – Florian Kruse Instrumental Cut – Samantha James
    * acceptance is love
    35. Shake Your Head – Maxxi Soundsystem
    36. Summertime – Extended Vocal Mix – Jamie Jones
    37. High Commissioner – Love Distance
    38. Sunny – Pillow Talk
    39. You Make Me Feel Good – Satin Jackets
    40. Run Run Run – Sunshine Jones Remix – Instrumental – Dragonette
    * a summary of our journey and the tales told tonight
    41. So Into You – The Dead Rose Music Company
    42. Night Flight Lexx Edit – Quintus Project
    43. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    44. The Fall – Live Version – Rhye
    45. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running Time: 04 Hours 54 Minutes 27 Seconds
    * Performed Live

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  4. Chris Groove:

    I just wanted to let you know that I love what you do. I’ve been a fan since I first saw you and Moonbeam performing at DV8 in the early 90’s. keep doing what you do. As soon as I get some extra cash I will gladly donate and if you ever want to take a break and have someone do a guest spot I would love to play for you. You can listen to some of my mixes which are free to download here:
    With love, Chris Groove

  5. Josh Alterity:

    Everybody get out your hammers. Let’s break some mirrors!