Sunday Soul: deitada : June 15th 2008


let’s have a bit of a lie down…

To listen

Head over to at 10pm pacific time and click the big huge play button. It’s as simple as that.

If you want to get fancy and stream the show through iTunes or some other audio player please follow the directions on the index page at and hook it up.


Oh yes. We love to gather and get together in the chat during Sunday Soul.
Register with the 90hz forum and then simply click the “chat” link, or click the big “join us” button from the front page over at and you’re in.

Join us!


  1. Gather your fire baskets…

    Sunday Soul is live now

  2. my friends… my fellow deiodatas, or is it deiodataistas?
    this brings us to the end of our journey together for tonight. for the week
    this glorious, amazing, powerfully beautiful week
    and so…
    please let me say [b]thank you[/b]

    may the tides you find greet your toes warmly
    with love and laughter
    dancing delights

    may your hearts set on fire, and your lives ignite
    if you ever feel lost or weary, just look to the stars
    and find your way home
    and may all your sundays have [b]soul[/b]

    thank you so much for listening
    good night
    * hug *