Sunday Soul – Deadbeat Discotheque

Year 11 – Playlist 37/52 – Art, essay and music for the week of December 28th 2014

This week I offer up a special surprise at year’s end. What better for the last Sunday Soul of 2014 than a live set recorded right around in the corner in San Francisco? I say things, but they aren’t important. Just a little travelogue of my adventures in spinning records in my neighborhood. The main thing is the performance, and lucky, lucky you.

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Thank you for listening, see you next week!


  1. Jean Ann Webner:

    Thank you .. I said to the man of soul

  2. Chinwe Onwudiwe:

    Oh yes finally! Did you do something different with this week’s post ‘cuz normally I don’t see the links to listen when you post them. Thank you!
    I resigned up … I think I got lost somewhere along the way .

  3. T'Irish MacBungle:

    Proper let yourself go there didn’t ye? Great sermon, mobile’s in the bin