Sunday Soul – Ballet du Saboteur – November 27th 2011

… subterfuge is just too much

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  1. Sunshine:

    Sunday Soul is live now!
    Join us

  2. Sunshine:

    I love you. Good night.

  3. Sunshine:

    The word Ballet is a French word adopted into the English language which was itself adopted from the Italian word Balletto which is a diminutive of the word ballo (simply meaning dance.) The Italian word ballo was naturally borrowed from the Latin ballare which means “to dance.” And finally, the Latin expression was adopted, naturally again, from the Greek ballizo with means “to dance” or “jump around.”

    The word Saboteur simply means “one who commits sabotage.” And that’s simple enough, but the expression Sabotage is defined as “a deliberate action aimed at weakening another entity though subversion, obstruction, or destruction.” And so the “ballet du saboteur” is effectively, and perhaps much too literally jumping around as an act of subversion, and I think that pretty well sums it up.

    As an antagonist, or provocateur, it’s my simple task to find a place to lay my hands flat against your resistance, and push. The obvious attempts are to speak categorically — always, never, you, and them — to become angry, and express my contempt, show my bias, illiterate my own faults as if I were a victim of injustice — to wail like the mothers of the disappeared — to call out for mercy, to weep toward the sky, to show my heartbreak to the blind world as an illustration of how dead inside we really are — and of course there is simple sarcasm, elitism, and fist fighting. But these approaches, however troubling or poignant, have failed to move the hearts and minds of the post-modernist head. And so I choose love, vulnerability, availability, accountability, rhythm, dance, and various paradoxes to weave tapestries of what I hope are our collective dilemma in the 21st century world and first express my own flawed thinking, sense of entitlement, lust, devotion, or simple hurt feelings and then turn them on you for your own consideration. The idea is not to invite you to empathize with me, nor to observe me and my art as if I were on display, but to engage you, to invite you to weave your own threads into this majestic brocade, to collaborate with me.

    Granted this tactic might be more successful in the traditional sense (cash and carry) if I were more of an obvious spectacle, or immediately accessible — it’s true, I have never been so successful as when I didn’t quite know what I Was talking about, but was very, very angry — an yet I insist that “house music,” this endless mosaic of belle ame electronique I have become devoted to is simply not for everyone. We are a strange family of hearts from the past and the future. I reach out immediately with my music, my movement, my whispering, my streams of sweet, bitter, and beautiful words to the people of the present tense. And in this way I stand up against you. I quietly, and sweetly oppose your cliché ideas about dancing, genre, beauty, and art, and care absolutely nothing for the refined but extremely limited taste of the trainspotter, the broad, but somehow monocular minds of the main and the mob and the masses, and say simply “here you are…” when I find you, and love you back with all of my heart. This music began in the basements of every city, and rose up as a voice of the mute, and the lost. We connected, and collected ourselves in the only places we could in order to orchestrate our own ballet and swirl, twirl, and give the illusion flight so profound, so magnificent that the world would converge in our house and ache to be marginalized, rejected, born with the wrong gender, and set so far aside that we all crashed into one another as we came home in our house. If this wasn’t sabotage then I have no other word to describe it.

    I have so much to say about all that I feel within myself, all that this world is constantly transmitting into my subconscious mind, but I’ve already said these things in my transmission and I hope that my diatribe, my monolog, my sweet whispering songs will pique your mind, and open your hearts as the beginning of your own thinking on the matter. I am by no means the last word in this discussion.

    I often wonder if Klaus-Peter Sabotta had joined forces with George Balanchine what magical love and delight might have surged out of these two passionate people’s hearts. Surely we might live in a world where truth, beauty, and protest overwhelmed the hearts of everyone, compelling them to do right by their inner truths, abandon their fears and insecurities, openly admit defeat, and the trains might still run on time.

    Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul – Ballet Du Saboteur:

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Ombra mai fu – Jennifer Larmore
    * introduction
    3. Raindrops – Coma
    4. Starlite – D-Pulse Remix – Paul Weller
    5. I Wanner Dancer – The Revenge Remix – Faze Action
    6. Eruption – Crazy P
    7. Can’t Believe – Slow It Down edit – Nancy Martin
    8. Dancer – Robert Hood
    9. Eurodancer – Tensnake Remix – Mano Le Tough
    10. Trans-Euro-Groove – Instrumental Version – OslO sOlO
    * the revolutionary power of a hug
    11. Straight to the Point – Malistix Remix – Isabelle Antena
    12. Love is My Middle Name – Jonas Rathsman
    13. Tonight – Kleeer
    14. Animal – Wildstyle Version – HEKO
    15. Keep Me In My Plane – Reverso 68 Remix – Who Made Who
    16. Hypnotized – Dubtribe Sound System Open Heart Dub Version – Mateo & Matos
    17. I Wanna Dance – Tangoterje
    18. Thinking About You – Extended Version – Bobby McFerrin
    * I am thinking about you, it’s true
    19. No Memory Of Time – Eva Be Feat. Joe Dukie
    20. Magic – SirBilly ReStart – Cud
    21. Reverberation feat. Kelly Reverb – Northside Mix – Southside Reverb
    22. Chemical Beats – The Chemical Brothers
    23. Lovesick – Lindstrom & Christabelle
    24. Wrong Alley Street Part 1 – Fort Knox Five Remix – Chris Joss
    25. Love Me Forever Or Love Me Not – Bonus Beats – Trilogy
    26. Tonight – Orson Karte
    27. Slick – 78 Edits
    28. Looking For The Summa – M.ono Editski – Chris Rea
    29. Spill – Gritt
    * you change the world when you smile
    30. Little Baby Shooting Star – Fax
    * there is a continent between these extremes of limited thinking
    31. Painted Eyes – Wolfram Remix – Hercules & Love Affair
    32. Untitled 3 – Masterchris
    * Ballet Du Saboteur
    33. Swoon – Boys Noize Summer Mix – The Chemical Brothers
    34. Dirty – Unabombers Remix – RuFDug
    35. Can’t Break Loose – Touchsoul Regroove – Orlando Johnson
    36. Do You Remember – 6th Borough Dub – Mario Basanov
    * running wildly through the streets and howling at the moon
    37. Maybe Tonight – Lovelock
    * selfishness and fear are a pandemic virus which has infected everyone
    38. American Man – PH Edit – Ladies Choice
    39. Girl Talk – Justin Faust
    40. PacificBreak – Reverso 68 Remix – The Beat Broker
    41. Can’t Let You Go – Harmony Funk
    42. Take It Back – Mano Le Tough
    * anyone
    43. Paris – Oliver Huntemann
    44. Nothing Can Be True – Guy Gerber
    45. Highway To Saturn – D-Pulse
    46. Hold On – The Department Of Social Sound
    * a brief explanation of why drunk chicks in nightclubs don’t turn me on at all
    47. Come On Baby – 78 Edits
    48. Four Million Miles – Sunshine Jones
    49. Catherine – Suzanne Kraft
    * katherine
    50. The Last Dance – House of 909
    51. Ombra mai fu – Jennifer Larmore
    52. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running Time: 04 Hours 48 Minutes 42 Seconds
    * Performed Live

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  4. Julie Joules:

    wow! thankful :)

  5. Marie Jolly:

    Thank you! Heart!

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  7. Intellectual Whore:

    Love you too.. Mr jones.. U inspire me..

  8. Donovan Sterling:

    Thank you Sunshine! I loved how you played 4-Million Miles.. I had been asking myself all week if you were going to play it again because I had been hearing that wicked synth arpeggio in my head since last Sunday Soul. That’s the arpeggio that brought me back to you in the first place. I wanted to drop into that beautiful crowded chat room and say thanks but I was gloriously busy making sweet love. Much love for ya, brotha.

  9. Maximillion:

    Love Sunshine! Thanks for making this

  10. Jennifer:

    Thank You Sunshine!

  11. Laura Spirit:

    that was beautiful! thankyou! xo

  12. Batia Love:

    Sweetest of dreams, Thanks for the tunes!

  13. Jeneva:

    That was fantastic! Thank you honey.

  14. Melanie:

    “Honesty is such a lonely word”….
    thank you for being so open and honest, Sunshine Jones, now I don’t feel so lonely. ♥

  15. Batia Love:

    Melanie You are so NOT alone!!!!!

  16. Cheetah Love:

    All at once I got Goosebumps upon my goosebumps. Ombra Mai Fu is one of my favorites. This show was one of my all-time favorites.