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So far I’ve got 54 archives spanning from Feb 2007 to June 2013 loaded up for your pleasure. The whole thing… errors, inspirations, accidents, posters, and wherever possible the essays as well. They’re free, and you can listen to them from your tablet, telephone or laptop.
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Sunday Soul was a labor of love, and devotion, learning, searching, courage, and came from such pain.
It remains meaningful to me because I feel, today, that I emerged from that pain such a beautiful thing. My life today is such a blessing. I can’t believe I am surrounded by synthesizers, and I get to pack them up and travel all over the world to plug them in and play for you.

Sometimes it feels like the dust of that ancient history is all over my face, and sometimes I feel so free and clean and new that nothing can stop me, But let this stand, and serve as a record of overcoming such deep damage, pain, and unsurmountable obstacles. Let it inspire you, turn you on, make you mad, give you the gift of something deeper than the trivial, the easily discarded, and meaningless.

The way I see it, if I can survive addiction, the devastation of the 80’s, and then find myself in a warehouse with sandals on, hair down the middle of my back dancing and dancing and dancing, and into the 90’s where we had to either get over ourselves, or perish as vinyl went away, bands broke up, and capitalism stole our dreams of acid house from us, and emerge a lover full of music and feel like Im 10 feet tall, then really absolutely anyone who dares to look at themselves and admit the truth about themselves can shed their skin, realize their truth, and thrive.

The past is gone, never to return. And retroactive fascinations are never revolutionary anyway, right? By the time “everyone” shows up, it’s like a cartoon. And the caricature is so easily sold, judged, and discarded isn’t it?
Be the real thing.

There are so many people to thank for this.
From Marc Time and Gary Mollica offering me a job handing out flyers (which saved my life and taught me something I didn’t know I needed to know,) and demonstrated that there was more to music than just the little sliver of it that I had heard, Ham Ham showing up out of nowhere and talking to me like I wasn’t an idiot, and turning me on to so much music it made my head explode and quite literally changed the direction of my life, Cameron Willson Arnold for playing the first house 12″ I ever heard (and of course I just hated it,) Curry Brooks Jr, Martin Mendoza, Neon Leon, Pete Avila, and even Marc Jellybear, and Dave Dean, Michael Brown, Ira, Jim English, Michael Wharton, and all of the SF heroes of the 80’s who threw balls, parties, and club nights which we hadn’t seen before. Then Wicked, Together, ComeUnity, and the seven days a week of dancing and deprogramming with Finn Campbell Notman, Jason Walker, Moonbeam Jones, Corey Black, and so many thousands of people I loved with all my heart, but never met, and then to Cory Allison and Anth who showed up on the old message board saying “Wanna hear some music?”, Jeno Void, Christian Dibble, Courtney Parker, Tre Thompson, Erich Bowman, Matt Statedlife Guilbeau and the others who were so brave and decided to join forces and start 90hz and make it a thing. Then there’s all the people who listened.Cheetah Sterling, Mel Mel, Emily White, Wes Rolan, Sarah Mccombs, and hundreds and hundreds of weirdos and lovers, and freaks. I’m leaving out so much… Sorry.

Let the stand as evidence that I love you. The document of my love for you. And so…

May the stars above you, shimmer and shine, guide you gently, even if you feel completely blind. Guiding you sweetly, wherever you go.
And may all your Sundays have soul.