Sunday Soul – 30/52 – The very best of the third set of nine

Year 11 – Playlist 30/52 – Special Live Mix Edition – Music for the week of November 9th 2014

This is week 30 of a 52 week experiment. Every ten weeks I mix the show for you. I describe the progress thus far of this experiment, and present a collage of my different artworks, and a more than two hour mix of the curated and relative best of the last ten episodes of Sunday Soul.

This weeks edition of Sunday Soul is published now – Art, essay, and music for the week of November 9th 2014 for your pleasure at


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  1. Jen Littlz:


  2. Apollo Lee:

    Damn, that was a work of art. Keep my head nodding all day.

  3. Hooman:

    Nice ride

  4. Kyla Maria:

    I had no idea about that sneaky little button on the upper left of page. —- YEs – –Thank you love xoxo

  5. Jenni Bregman:

    bwah, me neither! now i can go back to berlin… ♥

  6. Christopher Milo:


  7. Ruth Gallagher:

    The essay is as good as the music : )