Soul Support: Santa Barbara Mountains

This weekend, November 14th 2008, we are gonna get down in the mountains of Santa Barbara. Oh yes we are.

If you want to come along, we’re driving down either Friday afternoon or early evening. Connect with us and we can go together, or call the number and we’ll see you there!

: )


  1. In case you haven’t heard, the mountains of Santa Barbara are on fire right now…

    I still haven’t decided what to do about tonight, but people’s insight with regards to fire fighters, and wind speak to my internal voice which says that by doing something in the hills, even if it’s only 40 miles away, we might be bringing people into harm’s way. And then there’s the health issues with regards to the smoke in our lungs (said the smoker.) Plus they are expecting more high and dry winds for tonight which means the fire is going to spread.

    It just doesn’t feel right to me.

    But I am GUTTED. I want to boogie with you. I want to play. I wanna be there@!!!



  2. Turns out the fires are like a hundred miles from the location of this event.

    We are going.

    It is on!

  3. @ sunshine:
    And what an event it was!!!! Danced till i had to sleep only to wake up two hours later to the bass still calling me to my feet. Thank you sunshine jones, niko, corbin, emily, gregory and everyone who came out.

  4. level:

    @ sunshine:
    Four days later, and I am still hearing you in my head. Your presence helped create one of the most amazing events I have had the blessing of attending in my 31 years on living in Santa Barbara. Thank you, but damn! My legs are still sore! Can you give us a break for 5 minutes?! You did not let up once!
    Love you!
    Much respect,

  5. level:

    Oh, and wicked remix of Exile. Classic!

  6. wemily: