ODYSSEY – 4-20-12 San Francisco

Friday, April 20 from MIDNIGHT until 6AM
Rotating hourlong DJ sets from:

Sunshine Jones (Dubtribe, Treehouse, Sunday Soul) | 2a-3a & 5a-close
Ellen Ferrato (Sophomore Voyage) | 1a-2a & 4a-5a
Robin Simmons (Odyssey Flight Captain!) | 12a-1a & 3a-4a

Visual Stimulation by
Donovan’s LightsOut Lightshow

** Odyssey is… **

… six hours of curated Audio/Visual delight
… a mixed, friendly, diverse family
… a great place to dance
… welcoming & friendly
… a journey where you are a traveler but never a tourist
… a home away from home
… a place to forget about your stress and GET DOWN!


This is going to be absolutely amazing. Breathtaking. A taste of the old country. Very late night, mixed, beautiful, creative and amazing crowd, dancing somewhere you’ve never been before, all night… You pretty much have to come. So come.

If you want to go – apart from joining the event, it’s also important that you sign up for ODYSSEY’s mailing list so you can find out where the party actually is… I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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  1. ricardo felix:

    me+1 erin fisher(its her b day at midnight)!!