Nothing like a little midnight Reggae rave-up to chase the monsters out from under my bed…

I couldn’t contain my grief. The day was so full of love and light. People in need, my hands reaching out, and feeling your strong fingers wrapped around mine. We pull each other up together, talk, and walk, ride, and laugh until we feel better. The power of this world continues to blow me away completely. And then, after hours, on my own… I am completely haunted. Weeping, and laughing, scribbling in my notebook because I can’t seem to meditate… she is in the silence, she is in the darkness, she is in the light, and I am kicking myself for feeling like I could fly all day… So i played a little reggae, slipped off my sandals and had a session to myself. Got myself together. Got into it. Got down. And let go… I remember the garage parties of the very early 80’s. Reggae bands, no admission. Just a basement thick with smoke, army jackets and dreadlocks, Jah was present, and a loving revolution was about to burst at the seams. Those were mighty times… Sweaty and calm, smiling and feeling a little silly, I peeked under the bed before I hopped into it, and made sure the monsters had gone. Maybe they had, maybe they hadn’t… but I slept like a baby.

Better Must Come – Delroy Wilson …play it again!


  1. *allison:

    Yeeeaaaaahh! Dance away the worry, dance away the pain and dance away the fear.
    That’s what I do too…

  2. Ah… it must be genetic. I’m not sure my troubled mind and heart are anything to cheer about, but dancing feet certainly are nice.