New Year’s Eve 2006


Doc Martin, Mark E. quark and me, Sunshine have agreed to get together in Southern California on December 31st and lay down something deep, live, refreshing and personal.

I am honored and delighted to get back together with my friends Martin and Mark and build something wonderful for the year’s end celebration. Leave it to doc to be holding the pieces of my dreams in his hands, to have the heart, and the vibe at the ready when I need him most. What a man, what a DJ, what a friend!

I’m flying down early to spend some time with my sister, and take my son to disneyland. It’s going to be a wonderful night.

One Comment

  1. hey i just wanted to say that i caught your set on nye, and it was full of surprises. I’ve never heard your music before or your work behind the decks but you really delivered. The words you were singing were exactly what i needed to hear right then and your mixing just brought down the house! The energy was great and I just thought you should know. It was a great way to ring in the new year and definitely a highlight of the night.