I released this set of shirts a few months ago after a week in Brooklyn. I was hanging out with the amazing Courtney K and Miss Lady Cherelle and we were watching this Japanese film called “Frog River” about a Japanese guy who comes of age listening to house music and working in a record store. Not only was it remarkable that anyone made a film about this subject, and it certainly is wonderfully remarkable, but also one of the devices in the film was to have each of the people in the film wear a T-shirt which had their character’s point of view on it in Kanji. So despite what the character said or did, you could tell where they were coming from by the word or words on their shirt, and often just from the color. Such a sweet, and brilliant device that I felt it was something to bring with me. And now I want to share it with you…

I presented the LOVER, FIGHTER, and DANCER t-shirts almost as soon as I arrived home from the east coast tour, but I get the feeling people don’t really visit web sites anymore, and I don’t blame them really – the inter-web has become a lot like a non stop advertisement and lacks so much intimacy or real life luster that why would we bother, right? But then again, if Facepage is so boring, then why is everyone there and not off reading some mischievous manifesto somewhere else? Hmmm – At any rate no one bought one, not a single lover, fighter, or dancer out there who resonated with my point of view. And since I only make a few dollars per shirt, there hasn’t even been enough of a resource for ME to buy one of each for myself. That will never do. So I am re presenting them here and now for your pleasure, with back story and snide remarks about face page and the inter-web in general, plus a little japanese film tip too!

You can preview the shirts here at Treehouse Muzique
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Shipping takes about a week, and soon you’ll be the lover, dancer, fighter, or house music lover you were born to be!