Hypnotized – DSS Open Heart Dub Version

This is the first cross country collaboration between me and Moonbeam. Eddie Matos asked us to take a crack at remixing their track and we decided it was time for the two of us to take a crack at doing something in the studio despite the 2,800 miles between us. I gave it a try first and cried uncle almost immediately. Moonbeam did a sketch in garage band and then sent me the file. I didn’t know this, but garage band files open right up into Logic Pro. So I listened and then took it a lot further until it was done. Moonbeam has done a lot of production work, is a superb live-on-the-fly mixing engineer, as well as a fantastic vocalist, but this is the first time I can remember where she actually produced the basis of a track. I’ve waited 20 years for this project, and I am so proud of her. That said, of course I tripled up the percussion, completely changed all of her sounds, and took her Murk-esque arrangement and layered it and pulled the ends to try and create a Dubtribe style mixing track that works with force instead of tempo or gimmicks to express itself.

I hope you love it as much as we do.

Hypnotized – Dubtribe Sound System Open Heart Dub Version – Mateo & Matos by Sunshine Jones


  1. Finn:


  2. Joseph Seibert:

    love it!

  3. Peter Genender:


  4. Emma:

    Gurt Lush! (which I think you’ll find is a very good think indeed!) Fantastic. Ex

  5. Sunshine:

    Love you baby! So glad you feel it too

  6. Fleapae Santiago:

    feelin it!! is there a release date!?

  7. Sunshine:

    Just delivered it this morning. Not sure about release date or format yet.

  8. Courtney K:


  9. Corey Layman:

    Very nice!!!

  10. Adriana Miranda:

  11. Maxamilliano Wilda:

    Superb, another master piece of DSS

  12. Masa Balac:

    Talk about being hypnotized! Been in a loop- stuck on this since yesterday.

    : )

    Love it!

  13. Kelly Andrews:

    thank you :)

  14. Astro:

  15. Sunshine:

    This was released on Boxing Day: