Copper Traces – SEEK – Mini Manual

I don’t know about you, but I don’t use a computer, tablet or telephone for musical purposes, and in quite the opposite direction of the way things seem to be going, computers seem to completely drain the creativity out of me. Distractions, spam, sitting there still with my neck craned forward just isn’t my idea of production, or performance. So it’s a catch 22 for me when it comes to manuals. I love that pdf documents allow for more manual, and updates to documents which arrive quickly, and without using precious resources. I’m all for sustainability and conservation. What I don’t dig is that I’m often compelled to switch sides, and bring my laptop, or my tablet around to my work surfaces and there I am, squinting at the screen and learning about my hardware. It bugs me. I want to touch the manual as much as I want to touch the gear. I admit that when I get something as special as vintage service notes with their large fold out schematics, or an EMS primer on electronics I’m almost as delighted as I am by the equipment itself. There is an art to this, and it’s important.

That’s a part of why I continue to transcribe, re design, and interpret the manuals into cheat cards, mini manuals, and full fledged illustrated guides with experiments and hand drawn illustrations. It just brings something that’s been missing for a very long time back to the art of electronic music.

Today I got ahold of a Copper Traces SEEK step sequencer. Its dope.
Here is a downloadable copy of the mini manual which I transcribed for myself to have all of the shortcuts and secrets of this powerful little monster all on a single page beside me to reference until I memorize it.

PDF FORMAT – Version 0.01 – 4.9MB – December 2018

Printing should be fine on any size paper, but it’s intended as a horizontal 11 x 8.5 US Letter page which is scaled to fit so that nothing gets cut off.

I didn’t do much to this manual – q little editing to remove repeated wording – mainly it is all fit onto a single page for handy reference.

I hope this helps you on your way…