Alchemy DC: Jenö and Sunshine Jones December 15th 2007



  1. Sounds like it’s gonna be a hell of an evening !! We need to plan a get together for dinner before and/or breakfast after the party. What do you say heads ? Can’t wait for the party…

  2. Plans to hookup before or after the party for dinner/breakfast Sunshine ? Lemme know. I am totally down. Now that I moved to DC and live 5 blocks from FIVE…..any time is good for me. Mike (Stagg)…are you coming to DC for the party ? Hit me up if you are and we can hookup.
    And how about you Alan ?

  3. Getting really ready for this party baby ! Any plans to hookup before or after the party for dinner and/or breakfast Sunshine ? Now that I moved to DC and live only 15 mins walking distance from FIVE, I am game any time.
    Stagg…..totally looking forward to seeing you. Alan (Busboys and Poets) are you gonna be there ? Let’s meetup.
    All other heads are welcome to hookup too !

  4. I’d love to hook up!
    Right now I’m not sure of my travel plans, so I can’t say anything for sure, but when I am, I’ll let you know.

  5. Musta,

    I just found out my whole schedule.
    I’m getting into DC around 6. There’ll be loads of time to get together!
    One Question:
    Where the fuuuck is Stagg?

    Michael, we need you booger… c’mon home honey. we love you.

  6. Sunshine,

    I called Stagg yesterday and he text messaged me saying he will be in DC. So we should be good !

  7. Excellent…

    But that still doesn’t answer my question:
    Where the f@ck is Stagg?

    I miss my brother.

  8. stagg:

    hug sunshine!

    i’ll be on the dancefloor feeling you brother!

    i miss you too.

  9. : )

    Michael, I’ve got you on the guest list.
    please come see me in the DJ Booth, k?

    * hug *