A Love Letter To The Juno-6

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A short love letter to the Roland Juno-6 describing my deep affection for the wonderful polysynth, tracing it’s history, and taking a brief look at the modern iterations.
Directed by Martha Traer for MT Films.
©2017 The Urgency Of Change/MT Films


  1. Jonathan Condit:

    My very first real synth was a Juno-106 purchased in 1989 in Weston, CT. It came without a manual, but I learned the basics of synthesis by playing it night after night. The Juno will always be my first love.

    This film is so insanely good… you continue to amaze and inspire. The world lucky to have you and your passion, Sunshine.

  2. Terence Evergreen:

    Nice piece

  3. Warren Baker:

    That was a really good watch.

  4. Thomas White:

    Man, so good Sunshine! Bravo sir

  5. Sam Robson:

    Great pice m8, I bought my first 106 from DJ Greyboy back in the early noughties along with his 202, 101, 606, 303 and MSQ-700…(after consulting with you Guv;-) I later went on to snap up a 6, 60, Jupiter 6, MKS-80 and a heap of other goodies (always consulting you..”Do I need this? Is this a good price?) Thanks for your patience bruv…

  6. Kiko Navarro:

    Love this

  7. Stephen Chin:


  8. Phil Lockwood:

    I think Christoph Caominh bought your Juno 60 back in 2007.

  9. Daniel Englisch:

    Great : )

  10. Daniel Englisch:

    Also majorly interested in Behringer’s Deepmind with their take on the Juno

  11. Sunshine Jones:

    Totally. Me too. If I had access to one I absolutely would have included it with this story.

  12. Daniel Englisch:

    Will check it out soon as Willem got one, might include a lil vid myself when we’re finally jamming together again : ) sold my 106 some time ago when in need of money : ( that new 6 voice of theirs has the same price tag as i sold my 106 for… hmmmm. Thanks for that lovely vid and have a great day brother!

  13. Jay Williams:

  14. Gino Gabriele:

    Straight to the heart, thank you Martha and Sunshine ♥

  15. Robert Pointer:


  16. Sean Ober:

    Sunshine Inspired!!! Wish I still have my old Juno-106, sold it to the Glaudefather. Hehe, grabbed another though around that same time.

    btw, consider Synthrotek, for future DIY PSU needs. Oh, passing thought… Have you seen the Prodigy ER-16? Eurorack Prodigy ;o)

  17. Steven Dimitri:

    This is so great. Keep making films. Keep making art. I know you will : )

  18. Sam Peterson:

    I LOVE my -6

  19. Andrew Marrah:

    Always inspiring, great video once again!

  20. Etienne Stehelin:

    No Juno 1 love?

  21. Sunshine:

    – Etienne Stehelin
    I mentioned the MKS-50 (the rack version of the alpha Juno which I had and loved with the PG-300 for years and years.) I mentioned the alpha Juno series in the letter, but I’ve never owned an alpha Juno 1 or 2, so I couldn’t speak to them.

  22. Sean Ober:

    So many Junos, so little time.

  23. Derrin Harvey:

    You’re Awesome!

  24. AmenRey Nln:

    I share your feelings on the Juno line – My personal favorite model was the 106. I disassembled mine and reduced it down to 1 octave rewiring the triggers to sync with halogen lamps creating a touch orb sculpture kind a like a spherical Simon says but with midi input : ) 32 inch brushed steel base with a Lucite dome. – I believe I apologized to that Juno a few times as I disassembled him : )

  25. Craig Lambert:

    MKS50 = best bang for buck classic Roland.

  26. William Hansen:

    wow dude!

  27. Ryan Vereen:

    This right here is one of the many reasons I love you Sunshine! Your passion is totally contagious! ♥

  28. Devon Hughes:

    Fantastic! And when you got that Studio Electronics module working….hot daaaaaamn!!! Velvet.

  29. Mike Latigid Addis:

    This is so amazing! I love this synth documentary or “synthumentary” ♥ ♥ ♥

  30. Vincent Salas:

    So so good.

  31. DJ Drue:

    cannot like this enough!

  32. Lucas Dodson:

    Martha Traer and Sunshine Jones THANK YOU! This is amazing.
    Sunshine your impact on so many levels of so many people’s lives. I can’t begin to tell you how much your love and talent inspires me and so very many amazing people.

  33. Karlo Yogie Magallan:

    Now I need cigarette : )

  34. David Duarte Chingoi:

    Top my friend

  35. Kevin Siegenthaler:

    Very nice. Exelent love letter.

  36. Sean Dynan:

    Great review, and the kind that doubles the price of the instrument (which is fine by me, I own a Juno 6 too).

    Here’s the puzzler: that Tonestar module only draws 0.13 Amps, so any of those abandoned power supplies should have been more than enough.

  37. Sunshine Jones:

    @Sean Dynan – Indeed. Never made sense of it, not even after a deep correspondence with the designer of the 8106, nor a great chat on the telephone with Studio Electronics.

  38. Douglas Kilcourse:

    Sunshine Jones this is by far the most beautiful video showcasing your love and obsession to synths and Roland, that anyone has ever put together.

  39. Nicky Bernardi:

    After all these years I still have my Juno-6… wish it had midi

  40. Sunshine:

    @Nicky Bernardi – You can add some very interesting midi to your Juno-6

    Or add some regular simple midi:

    I would play it live, and sync that arpeggiator to the drum machine (or a trigger from a pad that YOU play live) but if you need midi, I totally understand and think this is the way to go.