YELLOW – Sunshine Jones Birthday Party

Friday July 14th 2023 I am doing something I’ve never done before:
Throwing a birthday party!
I’ve had a few birthday parties in my life, and some of them have been really fun, but typically I host a little personal something, and it’s more about food, conversation, and my efforts to forge new neural pathways about things like birthdays and holidays. I’ve not been a fan of my birthday, and strangely I don’t enjoy celebrating myself. I like a better cause, a deeper reason than just me.
But in an effort to say yes to the universe, take a risk and ask my dear friends for love and support and connection to bring the world back to the streets, out into the light, with love and communion I have been lead to the idea that inviting people to come together and celebrate both Bastille Day (Fête Nationale Française where the people stormed the Bastille Prison, marking the start of the French revolution for independence of the people over the monarchy and aristocracy which had long oppressed it) and my birthday (which is actually the 15th of July, and is a birthday shared by Linda Ronstadt, Marky Ramone, Gianne Versace, Arianna Huffington, Lorna Carlson, Arlene Mayne, and Suzanne Onodera).

So I’ve invited Marky and Jenö (Wicked) and Rachel Torro, Torie Richardson, and Tyler to get with me at the Foundry in San Francisco and celebrate. They’ve all agreed. I will join in the fun with a 100% live set and it should be brilliant (quel line up, right?)

To make things much more fun, the theme of the evening will be Yellow.
Anyone wearing yellow, and I mean all yellow, will get in for 1/2 price and be celebrated as a hero for the evening.
The light theme will be yellow.
The floral arrangement will be yellow.
We will do everything we can possibly do to bring the sun and its warm, nourishing, radiant, healing love into the night. Lofty goals, and lovely ideas, but if we don’t do something… then who’s gonna? So let’s get together, and shuffle off the past, embrace the coming age, and sing, dance, cheer, hug, laugh and love each other.

The Foundry is located at 1425 Folsom Street in San Francisco.
It’s a very special location, not a regular “club” per se, but a space for all sorts of different kinds of events, lectures, talks, gatherings, and celebrations. It’s a beautiful building, and offers truly wonderful sound.
It is 21 + and we’ll most likely begin around 9pm and end at 2am.

No gifts:
I just want you to come and let me, Markie, Jenö, Rachel, Torie, and Tyler be the gift to you.

I’m gonna send this out on my personal messages to friends and family, to my email list for The Urgency Of Change, and then finally post this to instagram, facebook and what not and let everyone know, but the most important way of promoting will be what I’ve been doing lately (see the photo above) and that’s been to make these tiny personal flyers (which are impossible to read) and spending time out walking, and being in my beautiful city. Whenever I encounter someone I think is groovy, or fun, or maybe lonesome or in need of a friend, I stop and ask them how they are, if they like to dance, if they like electronic music, and if they are honest, say yes and yes then I hand them a little secret flyer and toss a bit of confetti in the air and ask them to please come. Sometimes they do. Sometimes they have a wonderful time.

So I invite you to join me. Hit the streets, and live your life, and tell anyone and everyone you meet with style, good vibes, or seems like they could really use a huge group of dancing friends around them, and bring them with you to celebrate July 14th with us.

This is so exciting.
See you there!


The face-page event information is here.
Tickets are available here.

• First Tier “early bird” tickets are sold out
• Second Tier “discount tickets” are now sold out
• Third tier “general admission” tickets are currently available.

A special Yellow ticket is also available:
Half price of the charge at the door for those who are into the theme and can commit to wearing yellow to celebrate with us!

We believe this will sell out. So please consider scoring tickets in advance.


  1. Sherif Abdel-Hamid:

    I leave for Egypt on the 15th, but I won’t miss it. See you soon my friend.

  2. Sunshine:

    @Sherif – The PERFECT way to head off to Egypt! That’s marvelous!!! I bet you look fantastic in Yellow too!!!

  3. Jorge Bernal:

    Sounds good!

  4. Erin Roo:

    Will be there with yellow on!! ♥

  5. Dawn Montes-Ondi:

    What a beautiful sentiment Love warriors are my favorite people ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  6. Heidi Mae:

    I got a yellow onesie, just need to find a ride down from Nevada City!!

  7. Sunshine Jones:

    @Heidi Mae – Matt Wytch and maybe Bev LaFae are talking about coming down. Know either of them? Caravan!

  8. Heidi Mae:

    @Sunshine Jones – I definitely know Matthew Wich!! He’s a gem.

  9. Peter Montgomery:

    This sounds great. Will tickets be available online? Or is that part being worked out? Thanks.

  10. Sunshine Jones:

    @Peter Montgomery – We have a few weeks to work out details like tickets. Just mark your calendar and I’ll make room for you. I promise.

  11. Benjamin Orphan:

    Yes please

  12. Benjamin Orphan:

    I’m ready and it’s my birthday on the 19th of July. Derrick Carter is in town the day after your party for Gkitterbox. I really appreciate how y’all coordinate these things for us.

  13. Michelle Rondeau:

  14. Jamie Ayers:

    I’ll be back from Portugal in time for this!

  15. Sunshine Jones:

    @Jamie Ayers – It’s really hard to leave Portugal. I never want to leave when I get to go. Love it there. I’ll be honored (and surprised) to see you on the 14th.

  16. Heather Duplaisir:

    Yay! I am excited for this! I have a yellow dress ♥

  17. Kajsa Niehusen:

    I would love to be there if I was still in the states. It’s going to be a wonderful time!

  18. Andreas Hansson:

    I wish i could be there ♥

  19. Sunshine:

    @Andreas Hansson – That would absolutely floor me. I wish you could be here too.

  20. Justin OBrien:

    Calendar marked… I think this can happen for me! ♥ ♥

  21. Cole Odin Berggren:

    Hello yello!!! ♥

  22. Jeannie Webner:

    Come back to ORLANDO we need you

  23. Shawn Mcgahan:

    Love and light to bathe in with friends sent from north Portland Oregon

  24. Michael Manahan:

    You deserve it, young man.

  25. Joelie Atkinson:

    All I need to say is wow, wow, wow. Wish I could be there and ♥ ♥ ♥

  26. Sunshine:

    @Joelie Atkinson – I vote that you, and Paul Adair, Ang, Simon Le Bon, Grant Semmler , Lucy Belle, Rachel Krieg and our lovely family all get together and descend upon San Francisco for Bastille Day!

  27. Sunshine:

    Tickets are available now for this event

  28. Sunshine:

    First Tier “Early Bird” tickets are sold out!

  29. Sunshine:

    Second tier “discount tickets” are sold out!!