That’s right, the streaming version of TUOC03 is now available for live streaming on the inter-web.
Point your browser to http://theurgencyofchange.com and start watching.

The film is password protected, so you will need to grab the password from the page and enter it before it starts playing for you, but it’s Vimeo and they’re usually good quality, and reliably up and working.

I hope you love the film.

The soundtrack is still available in part, and at this writing there are still 8 physical DVD’s remaining for sale. So if you want more than a virtual experience, it’s yours for the taking.

Please remember to donate a little something to Martha Traer directly from the page to help thank her for two years of seriously hard work, and also to help make more films like this possible.



  1. Tage Widsell:

    Wow! Just wow! So inspiring. Exactly what I needed on a grey and cold february Friday. Thank you!

  2. Elaine Sokoloff:

    What an unexpected surprise to wake up to the link and password to your documentary. I just started watching it, and it’s glorious and moving and makes me want to dance!
    So proud of you. xoxo

  3. AmenRey Nln:

    Just made a small donation for the cause… looking forward to watching this on my next flight “home” : )

  4. Rob Paine:

    Amazing! ♥ ♥ ♥

  5. Chuk Aubry:

    It’s so friggin good!!
    Thank you very much Sunshine!! ♥ ♥ ♥

  6. Xan Lucero:

    RAD! love you both, mucho ♥

  7. Zechariah Inkster:

    Fantastic and love from your Canadian home away from home ♥

  8. Lindsey Russell:

    Thank you Sunshine Jones and Martha Traer! Love

  9. Patton Gibson:

    THE HORSE!!!!

  10. Jason Brown:

    lovely film

  11. Calyn Kuefner:

    Wow !!! When I saw that red light , I got chills all over ♥. What a beautiful expression of you and us and what we are .
    “Love is a verb ”
    Gorgeous work Martha Traer .
    Can’t wait for you to come home and share more light and love . See you in the music . See you in the inspiration ! See you in the dance .
    Love always !

  12. Victor John:

    I’m so excited to watch this!

  13. Renee O'Brien:

    so excited to have been along for the minneapolis leg.
    So special!!!!!

  14. Warren Baker:

    Just started…
    …getting goosebumps…

  15. Tee Cardaci:

    Sunshine… I’m blown away. That just seriously moved me… many times over in fact. So beyond what I expected (and my expectations were high). So happy you got back in touch with what you love again and are sharing your light with the rest of us, inspiring us and reminding us we’re all beams of light from the same sun. Shine on, brother! And big love and respect Martha for documenting this and making the music and the message available for us to be inspired by ♥ ♥ ♥

  16. Desiree Carasso:

    I loved it !