TUOC03 – Sunshine Jones – HOME – A Document of the 2016 Live Ground Tour

Pre Orders are now open for the limited edition physical edition of this film by Martha Traer.
Check it out at http://theurgencyofchange.com

Each of these is a professionally manufactured DVD video, region free for worldwide enjoyment.
The package is hand made by me, and each one is signed and numbered.

Here’s the trailer:

If the trailer video doesn’t immediately appear here, don’t sweat it. Just reload the page and it’ll load up.


  1. Billy Bridgewater:

    Ordered! So much LOVE to you Sunshine Jones! I just want to say thank you for being such an inspiration in so many aspects. You truly are an amazing soul and I’m extremely grateful for all your hard work and passion that you put into your music. I hope at some point you can come back to Baltimore or DC in the near future.

  2. Michael Heaven:

    Done deal. Hope to hear you at Simons in the not so distant. Take care!

  3. Calyn Kuefner:

    This is so exciting!

  4. Miguel Macedo Rosa:


  5. Jason Walker:

    Always carrying the brightest torch! Shine on Brother Sun! This looks amazing both of you, well done.

  6. Shannan K Lewis:

    I’m so proud of you! Well said. Sending much love appreciation & blessings!

  7. David Armstrong:


  8. Crystal Braley:

    This is amazing Sunshine & Martha Traer ♥ ♥ ♥

  9. Gary Mollica:

    Damn – now I’m getting to be a SJ collector….

  10. Lois Lawhead:


  11. Nick Roseycross:

    Oh wowww

  12. Ashley Hoo:

    this is the only birthday present i asked for this year.

  13. Nick Roseycross:

    I just read the note at the purchase page and am double stoked now. I want to see this and I want to contribute to two amazing muses but the one thing I really DONT need is more (plastic)stuff … so I will wait patiently and with love for the digitally formless version and donate fairly when the time comes :)))

    This looks so inspiring, and “my” partner who called Oakland home for 10 years got quite teary eyed at the intro, because she personally relates to the same displacement and sadness for what has (apparently) become of the Bay Area.

  14. Erin McDermott:


  15. Wojciech Kawatek:

    yes, please!

  16. Marcell Marias:

    Physical is important for tangible desires. I remember how excited I was with Pink Floyd’s dark side of the moon album with poster inside. Just an amazing feeling that’s stays with me forever. All digital is fleeting and temporary, forgotten easily and non tangible. That’s why you dedicate to live analog sets and that’s why I would certainly buy a DVD copy of your amazing collaborative work, Sunshine and Martha!

  17. Sunshine:

    I am grateful and delighted to report that TUOC03 is now 100% sold out.
    All copies have been sold.

    If you wanted one, but didn’t get one I’m sorry, but all is not lost.
    In December we will release the streaming version which you can watch online at theurgencyofchange.com
    Keep your eyes peeled. Coming soon.