TUOC-020 Sunshine Jones – Be The Best Folk Singer You Can Be EP – Pre Orders Now Open

New Record
TUOC-020 Sunshine Jones – Be the best folk singer you can be

4 brand new stripped down, back to basics, acid house tracks at a superb and open hearted 110 bpm, recorded 100% live directly to tape, and pressed to vinyl in the USA.
Hand stamped labels, signed and numbered by me.

Production is underway, lead time is about 3 months (so end of summer delivery)
This is a limited edition production. Only 200 copies will be made (000-199).
Digital will be considered once the vinyl is sold out.

Pre Orders are open now (and already selling) at the urgency of change
Head over, read all about it, listen to preview, check the artwork, and equipment used too.

It’s a wonderful day.
Nothing like the announcement of a new recording.

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