The Dead Rose Music Company

In an era of snotty little brats only liking things that either no one else has ever heard about before, or that smack you in the head (because you’re dead inside, but you blame it on other people) I want to take a moment to introduce you to something really near and dear and special and wonderful: The Dead Rose Music Company.

It takes time to appreciate what these two are all about. The music isn’t fast, it doesn’t come to your house, knock on the door, and when you answer jump out of the bushes in white sunglasses and yellow pants screaming… this music comes with you wherever you go. You hum it later, and don’t know what it is. It seeps into you, and loves you back.

In my opinion The Dead Rose Music Company are the best thing going. I am a fan. I am devoted. I love what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, and everything else about them.

Listen for yourself:

Just A Bitter Love
Bad Desire
So Into You
Come Closer

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  1. Sizemo:

    I couldn’t agree more with sentiment above other than to say, you don’t have to put others down in order to shine light on your brilliance. In fact, being brilliant is light enough.

  2. Sunshine:

    I can assume you take exception to my adjectives. “Snotty little brats” and “dead inside” right?

    Well, for me it feels as though the world has lost its mind. I don’t know where you live, or what your life is like, but I am surrounded by people with their mouths wide open, texting while you’re trying to talk with them and it makes me angry, and it breaks my heart.

    These things that touch me (really fucking touch me,) seem to require some kind of matriculation or explanation. Maybe it’s just me feeling defensive, but and I wanted to set it up with language so that there would be no confusion.

    I like to be clear. I don’t mind a little antagonism. I think it can break all of our hearts open a little wider.

  3. We are in absolute agreement on this issue.

  4. Dan Woods:

    I couldn’t agree with you more Sunshine. Not just about the Dead Rose Music Company, but about the state of the world today and how many people are in a zombie like brat state. I know there are many great people out there, it is a process to find them though. The world could use more people like Sunshine Jones- I say that very matter of factly, without sarcasm or brattitude. I found a promotional only red vinyl Marty Balin record last week and thought of you.

  5. Sunshine:

    My favorite haiku is:

    “Heart breaks open
    and a new heart
    is revealed”

    As dangerous as it is to offer up a haiku at all (especially from a man who won’t take off his sandals) I feel so strongly that what’s actually happening in the world right now is that we are viciously attempting to prevent our hearts from breaking… as noble an effort as that may seem, it turns out that this is what’s keeping many of us stuck right here.

    Break it open…