Sunshine with Kudu, Moby and King Britt July 3rd 2007 @ NYC


  1. stagg:

    gonna try and make this! not sure yet.

  2. I’d love to see you, and Deana, and a bunch of folks on tuesday so we can get our heads together about the upcoming sunday parties at love!

    any chance of a little convention?

  3. Yes, let’s have a little convention on Tuesday :-) yay!

  4. stagg:

    just checked my schedule and i’m ready for a convention. let’s meet on the dancefloor! : ) yes!

  5. awesome!

    I have a lunch planned with Hisa at King Street, but between that the sound check I am free. And again between sound check and set time. Or after if you like…

    Let’s please connect and get together to convene.

    : )

  6. Deana:

    I can meet anytime after 5…so maybe between sound check and set time? Or after (and after :)

    yay! See you soon!

  7. stagg:

    i can only meet up after. i’m rushing to the chinatown bus and getting to new york around 11. : ) i’ll find ya!

  8. Hmmm…

    Then let me look into my schedule in terms of what time my flight leaves, cause it would be best for us all to get together. But if we need to do it virtually, or separately that’s ok too.

    I believe I arrive in New York mid-monday, and am definitely going to DeepSpace (Jaun Atkins and FK – no way!) Tuesday I have lunch with Hisa, and then I’m free until sound check and again for dinner after souch check before set time.

    I think that my flight may be a run-to-the-airport flight home. Let me check it out.

  9. peace:

    hi, just wanted to drop a line to say how amazing your set was. i was visiting ny for the week, and was blown away. i’ve been a huge house fan for 7+ years now, and i think that was definitely in my top 3 sets ever. thanks so much for your talent and having such an interesting outlook.

    how can we get info on your upcoming shows? any chance of hitting los angeles?

    peace be with you.

  10. how can we get info on your upcoming shows? any chance of hitting los angeles?.

    Thank you for your praise.

    I post all my confirmed bookings here in the sidebar, also over in the bulliten board at

    you can listen to me every sunday on sunday soul

    And yes, I’m talking with Marques Wyatt about doing a date at Deep in LA soon, as well as definitely playing with Doc Matrin, Jeno and Garth for New Years at the SubLevel event.

    : )