Sunshine Jones – The Sky Is Full Of Stars – Video

Here is my second music video:
The Sky Is Full Of Stars
by Sunshine Jones
Directed by Martha Traer

This song is released on Cosmic Disco Records from the album ‘Gas Masks & Crazy-Girls’
Available from iTunes, Beatport, and better digital record stores worldwide.
And for a little while longer as a limited edition 12″ single.
Words, Music & Images at © 2014 little BUG music/BMI
Produced by Sunshine Jones for Treehouse Muzique

This song was written in hopes of encouraging you to see that just because there are clouds, that doesn’t mean there isn’t always an endless sea of breathtaking stars all around us, all the time. And so, this moving mosaic is an homage to the beautiful photography and layered posters I have been making for sunday soul for a decade now. Through the cinematic magic and delicate beauty of Martha Traer, she has managed to bring these dreams to life and tell the story of the wordless way we relate our insides to the outside world, and yet somehow end up unable to see the stars which are always all around us.

I hope you love it too.

Note: Congratulations to Brian Satornino for winning himself a copy of the limited edition 12″ single. Thanks to everyone for posting this video to their walls, and for helping to support and celebrate music and art. What fun!


  1. Lonnie:

    You’re a genius.

  2. John D'Angelo:

    Dope! Like!

  3. D.j. Darienx:

    SJ this is very beautiful video thank you for sharing.

  4. Brooklyn Turks:

    YES!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

  5. Brooklyn Turks:

    This is amazing.

  6. Rob Alinder:

    Holy crap, Sunshine, that’s amazing.

  7. John Jones:

    Nice1 fella!.is cool!

  8. Lucy Hocknell:


  9. Joe Bizzel De Bop:

    Great song and wonderful video thank you.

  10. Zweistein:

    Props to Martha! The art of your music is a great combination with the art of her visuals

  11. Greg Shultea:

    AWESOME!!!!!! Wow very sophisticated and beautiful. !!!!!!

  12. Shawn Ivy:

    Oooh lovely!

  13. Emma:

    Having shared amongst some like minded folks. My friend Helen, who’s musical taste and integrity I value a lot says “beautiful and atmospheric…simple and effective…is this their very first works Em?”

  14. Haste Drei:

    Oooooo. Thats awesome!!!

  15. Ashley O'Hara:

    Love this video. it’s beautiful. it’s perfect.