Sunshine Jones – The Absurdity of Possession – Video

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ARTIST: Sunshine Jones
DIRECTOR: Jason Williams – Commune
TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: Martha Traer, Kirk Wilder, & Andy Michelson
LABEL: Cosmic Disco Records – Amsterdam
All pictures & sounds © + p 2014 little BUG music / BMI – All rights reserved

Sunshine Jones appears with permission from Treehouse Muzique
‘The Absurdity of Possession’ is taken from the album ‘Gas Masks & Crazy-Girls’ by Sunshine Jones
Available now on Cosmic Disco Records

SINGER: Sunshine Jones
LOVER: Martha Traer
LOVER: Nina Gates
LOVER: Amy Carroll
LOVER: Kathryn Hancock
TIGRESS: Martha Traer
SPARKLER BOY: Jack Raynard
MISCHIEF: Maeghan Ouimet
MISCHIEF: Ala Bishop
MISCHIEF: Jack Raynard
FOCUS MODEL: Andy Michelson
FIGHTER: Cassandra Gonzales


  1. Gino Gabriele:

    love it ! ♥

  2. Audrey Clarke:

    Great song!
    Love it :)
    cool video : )

  3. Ruben Langedijk:

    Wonderful track and video!

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  5. Sam Heywood:

    Sounds tremendous.

  6. Joshua Bandy:

    Lovely tune. Great video!

  7. Lance Koppa:

    Such a perfectly blended track- we love you for it.

  8. Scott Clawson:

    love the video

  9. Chuk Aubry:

    Absolutely amazing. I love it and I love you Sunshine Jones!

  10. Steven Dimitri:

    You are a very talented man Sunshine Jones!

  11. Maximiliano Wilda:

    Simply great! Love it!

  12. Rudy Salas Escalante:

    ohhh, soberbia elección!!!

  13. Maximiliano Wilda:

    ohhh, soberbia elección!!!

    Sunshine Jones es lo más!

  14. Wemily:

    That turned out so good!!!
    Love it!

  15. Kirk Wilder:

    It’s fantastic! I love the ambient lighting from the cars in the background.

  16. Maeghan:

    Love it! So fun

  17. Hali:

    Great video! Thanks

  18. Tre Damit:

    You just made my day!

  19. Kathryn:

    Ha! Fuck Yeah!
    I love it. I love you everlasting!!!

  20. Martha Traer:

    Wonderful! xo

  21. Olof B. Love:

  22. Ami Beach:

    Sunshine Jones.. I am in love with you … Great video!