Sunshine Jones – Special DJ Set – New Year’s Eve at Flammable in Seattle!

On new year’s eve this year I’ve decided to head up to my beloved Seattle and get with my favorite people at Flammable. I haven’t been to Chop Suey yet, and I understand it’s old school, and more aligned with the vibe of Re-Bar and what Flammable is, and has always meant to Seattle (and everyone) and I am so excited to come rock it!

I have not been DJ’ing much in the last several years. I’ve been playing live (I’ve even played live at Flammable) but I consider Flammable my home, and I cut my teeth doing my live/DJ set there more than 10 times and I just can’t wait to go through my crates and bring some new music, some classics, and even break out some Dubtribe for you.
Let’s make this special. I have a feeling everyone is relieved to see the back end of 2023, and nobody is on anything but eggshells about 2024 either. So let’s get together, bring it in close, and do this right.

I love you dearly, and can’t wait to see you!