Sunshine Jones – Spannk – August 30th 2013 – Gainesville, FLA

I’m heading back to Gainesville on August 30th – the day before the Firestone reunion blow out – to play a special live/dj set at Spannk. I’m coming to town a couple days early to hang with Simon and get my thing together.
I hear that Gainesville is in serious need of some love. I miss the days of Simon’s and my little trips out to play at Plasma Longue (and especially the pool parties at Simon’s place.)
Courtney moved to NYC (and she’s fucking happy there too) and even Sarah moved to San Francisco (after a brief stay in Asheville.) There’s no doubt that things have changed, the school year brings new faces, and send old ones on their way, but the people who really count at the heads who thrive in the glorious town of perpetual 3pm rain, and ever changing crowds.
Gainesville means so much to me, and it means a lot to Dubtribe too.
Can’t wait to make the scene and see your beautiful faces again.

And if there’s a way to twist your arms, I want to bring you all with me down to Orlando the next night for the totally mental Firestone Reunion party (at the Firestone.) I bet I won’t have to twist anyone’s arm too hard…

Can’t wait for this! xo