Sunshine Jones – PINK PARTY – April 27th – Asheville, NC

This is going to be something to write home about.
The first in a series of events presented by
Aaron Karcher and Asheville Music Hall where
I get to bring the heads, and mix them together
with the locals in a way which only
the amazing Ahseville North Carolina can do it.
We are going to get down.

One Comment

  1. Lindsey:

    thanks for getting back together for the music. thanks to whoever is bringing you to Asheville on regular basis. pls keep it coming. loved seeing you sunshine in Asheville at the sold out show in tiny club. wished we could have talked some more. miss seeing you moonbeam. last I really saw you was maui and you had child not long after. congrats! I will never forget that trip new years 1999! blew my mind. you guys are the shit! take care. hang on. life’s fun but hard as hell. we need your love spread to this crazy world. peace my loves! Lindsey from Columbia I used to give you stinky presents when I saw you ;) peace