Sunshine Jones – live/dj set – Dance Klassique, March 14th – San Diego CA

Sunshine Jones – live/dj set
Hosted By Siesta Music

Wednesday March 14th 2012
at Bar Dynamite
1808 W. Washington Street
San Diego, Ca
9pm – 2am
No Cover (Free)

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  1. Sunshine:

    Well crud (and i mean super-crud.)
    Rain stopped all the flights out of SFO yesterday and despite my best efforts to be kind, thoughtful, prepared, early, calm, loving, and forthright there was just no way I was getting out of here.

    So the flight was cancelled, I managed to find one to LA which was actually leaving, but then there was no way to get me from LA to SD. An 11th hour call from a sweet friend offering a ride from SF to SD looked promising until I counted on my fingers the number of hours it would take to make the drive. No point in going if I wouldn’t arrive until after the party was over.

    So we agreed – after 4 hours of hand to hand combat with the good people of Virgin America – that we better postpone the show, and I’ll be back soon.

    I went home and fell down. Had some tears, and then got back to work. Seems like the more things break and fall into disarray the more beautiful they are. I don’t understand it, but somehow letting go of my expectations and that fucking feeling that I can control the weather, and that it’s my fault for not getting there at any and all cost – just letting that go as unpleasantly as it does go – and being in this moment now seems to show a kaleidoscope of things which have real value, true beauty, and promise. Never thought I’d see it that way – no, it seemed to me that being somewhat brutal on myself was always going to be the way – and so, with this in mind, I love the rain, and the grey sky, and the extra time to work in the studio, and everything else.

    I think it’s going to be ok.

    See you very soon San Diego. I’m sorry to have missed the party.