Sunshine Jones % Live + Play Live! Seminar – March 16th – Mountain Lotus Yoga, Truckee, CA

On March 16th I am headed up and over Donner Pass to fabulous Truckee, California to host not only a Play Live! Seminar, but also offer a 3 hour 100% Live Performance.

Mountain Lotus Yoga Retreat is a very special place, operated by very special people, and I am really looking forward to this event. The Play Live! Seminar takes many forms, depending on where we are, who is there, and where we’re at, but it begins as a brief description of my experience having closed my laptop for musical purposes in 2014 and stepped into the world of live, improvised electronic music. I discuss my instruments, my process, and my philosophy of performance and that’s fun, but the best part of the seminar is always the Q & A. I am much more interested in you, and where you’re at than I am in talking about myself.
And then once this open conversation has reached a good, and positive place, I will begin a performance for you which will go until 11pm.

Expect to dance, and open your hearts and minds.
I’m really looking forward to you.

Find out more and get tickets here:


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