Sunshine Jones – Live Performance with opening set from Michael Manahan – Paradise Sunset Sessions – Wed August 3rd 2016 – Monkey Loft, Seattle, WA

On Wednesday I’m headed back up to the pacific northwest to play a live set up on the rooftop of the Monkey Loft in Seattle, Washington. Last time was amazing, and it was also sold out, so this is a chance for everyone who couldn’t get in to make the scene and get down with me and Michael Manahan and it’s gonna be awesome.

Here is the face-page event information
See you there!


  1. Sunshine:

    I love you soooo much!
    Thank you for a fantastic night. Mikey started out making me dance from the very first record. Unbelievably good.
    Xan Lucero , Calyn Kuefner and Sylwia Jarosz were superb hosts and magical vibe makers. I loved the flowers and the ribbons (and that sunset!)
    Michael Manahan moved me so deeply. Such sweet, deep and magnificent sounds. Reached right into me and said “yes”
    But you guys… oooh you guys… what dancers, such generous lovers, so much joy and light and beautiful movement.
    You make getting lost figuring out the gainstaging of my mixer, and how to best blend the vco and the secondary cv control into a very serious compressor feel like alchemical magic and a pure pleasure!
    I will love you forever for that, for this, and more.
    Thank you!

  2. BJ:

    Thank you so much for last night Sunshine! It was amazing! Come back to Seattle soon!!! :)