Sunshine Jones – Live Ground Tour – April 15th 2016 Victoria, BC

After Texas, I’m going to swing through Santa Fe for a little stakeout, and then I’m headed up to Victoria BC.
The 15th of April is a special celebration for my host, and the event is going to be very special.
We’ve talked about a seminar, but it isn’t established to the best of my knowledge as yet, but I’m open to it, and if we pull it together I’ll let you know.

The Facebook Event for this party is Here

Other BC News
I am still talking with hopes of connecting in Vancouver. I don’t think I’ll give up on you until a couple days before I depart the province. I’ve also begun talking with some folks in Eastern BC about something special in the woods as well. So there may very well be more, and exciting news about the Vancouver portion of this trip. But for now, get up to Victoria and let’s connect!