Sunshine Jones – Live Ground Tour 2016 – June 17th – Asheville, North Carolina

I’m headed down to Asheville, home of Moog, and Makenoise as well as a family of some of the most beautiful groovers, drummers, farmers, and lovers I have ever connected with. And I’m going to do two special events:

The first is a free Electronic Music Seminar at the Asheville Music Hall on Wednesday the 15th of June.
The seminar is an open conversation about live improvisational electronic music, modern synthesizers, and modular synthesis. The conversation is open to all, and those who have questions, and are hoping to perform live and get started are especially encouraged to come. This is not a smug-fest for the heady, or the opinionated – while perspectives are welcome, the aim is to welcome you, and open your mind, and inspire you to play live too.
It’s fee. Please join us.
Doors are at 5, and the seminar begins at 6pm.

The second is the main event – A live set at the Asheville Music Hall. I’ll be playing a 2-3 hour live set, and will be supported by my friend and talented man Josh Hughey. Earthtone Sound System were the first people I played with when I came to Asheville, and we got down at the Bobo Gallery, and it was amazing. We are hoping to go further, and bring all of our moon madness, and love vibes to the main floor of the AMH on June 17th.

Can’t wait! See you there!