Sunshine Jones – January 2008 Chart


  1. Ultimate Love – Dub Mix – Stan Kolev
  2. Breathe Deeper – Sequential Soul
  3. Bring on the night – TroDeep Remix – Cloudkickers
  4. ADSR – Mecanique
  5. The Secret Field – Todd Tejre Remix – Kaoru Inoue
  6. Spiritual High – Cloud 9 Mix – Joe Rizla
  7. Higher – Handmade Mix – Sunshine Jones
  8. Venus Incantation – Ilya Santana
  9. Renaissance – Vince Watson
  10. Night Train – Soul Doubt

Honorable Mention:

  1. Towards Evening – Marlow
  2. Deviate – Manuel Tur and Dplay
  3. To the Brain – Force of Nature
  4. Make My Heart – Latrice
  5. Transitions – Sunshine’s No voice at all version – Dennis Ferrer

Can’t get out of my box:

  1. Rodando a Carmen – LSB Remix – Pink Monkey Flower
  2. Work It Out – Cevin Fisher
  3. Black Sun – Stephen Rigmaiden
  4. Force of Nature – Sublevel
  5. Love Chains – The Bionics

Everything keeps changing and getting more and more interesting. I am at a loss to define what it’s called, but the conversation just keeps getting more and more interesting all the time.

Thank you for the amazing music.



  1. Grabbed a few of these, thanks!
    Really groovin’ on Venus Incantation and Black Sun.

  2. yeeaaahhh…

    : )

  3. brock:

    I’ve been trying to find Deviate by Manuel Tur and getting stumped (meaning not on beatport :). I like a challenge. I have been enjoying his other stuff.

    don’t stop the rockin

  4. It’s not out yet.


  5. Want to add that I am in LOVE with that 2-track EP by Woofly vs. Projections (Absynth & Return of Starlight.) iTunes doesn’t have much of either artist. (Got a dance tracks digital account.) Got some recommendations to take me deeper with those artists?

  6. I would be so glad to point you toward more Woolfy…

    Can you send me your mailing address?
    I don’t have one for you in G’ville.