Sunshine Jones – Gas Masks & Crazy-Girls Out Now on Cosmic Disco Records

It’s been a long road, but you can at last pre order your digital copy of Sunshine Jones Gas Masks & Crazy-Girls new full length album on iTunes today.

Here is the link

Also check out the pre release review from Terry Matthew of 5 Magazine here

Head over and pick this album up now! The official release on Cosmic Disco is not until September – There are plans for 12″ singles and remixes, but currently digital is the only format planned for the album’s full length release. I know, I wish it were going to be on CD and Vinyl too, but it’s just not happening. Not unless there is enough demand. So if that’s what you want, head over to Cosmic Disco Records and let them know – tell them all about it.

You’re probably also wondering what the f@ck is going on with Belle Ame Electronique aren’t you? Well, the singles are coming out slowly on King Street/Nite Grooves, but I haven’t heard a word about the album, release dates, or the format. If you’re in the demanding mood, feel free to hit King Street up and tell ’em how you feel. I could really use the back up because none of those wonderful tracks are anywhere to be found, and neither of my other solo albums are available on iTunes.

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  1. Sophie818:

    One of my favorites <3 thank you Sunshine