Sunshine Jones – February 2008 Chart


Main Thing

1. Hippie Priest Bum Out – LCD Soundsystem
2. It’s Good – Sumo
3. Jupiter Calling – Thomas Schwartz
4. Omega – Hiroshi Wantanabe
5. Hello Moon – WLD Edit – Heather Brooks
6. North East – El Carilitto
7. Ork – RTA
8. For you to see – Tiger Stripes Dub – Markus Enochson
9. You & Me – Statedlife
10. Last Shot – Mastercris

Blowing my own horn:

1. Sweet Love – Sunshine’s Stripped Mix – Melou
2. Transitions – Sunshine No voice at all Mix – Dennis Ferrer
3. Go All Night – Dublevel
4. Higher – Sunshine Jones
5. Into the sphere of love – Sunshine’s classique Dub Version – Sublevel

Can’t get you out of my box:

1. We Are What We Are – Sunshine Jones
2. Siempre – Jimpster Remix – Kiko Navaro
3. Nothing But Love – Onionz featuring Snow
4. Vuoi Vuoi Me – Heinrik Schwarz Remix – Mari Boine
5. Smile and Receive – Swayzak


  1. Sam Solid:

    i’m just wondering, have you heard any of this nu-disco stuff coming out of New York now? or am i just late one this…

    a friend gave me some tracks by some band i’d never heard of called Hercules & Love Affair and it’s hitting me like a ton of bricks right now. i think you may like them.

    much love,

  2. Well it’s all house music to me Sam. I have never abandoned the idea that what house is really all about is it’s audacious disregard for genre and innocent defiance of category.

    In this world of belle âme electronique, where so much amazing music is being released every day, anything goes.

    These are inspirational times!

  3. Sam Solid:

    cool, house/disco, whatever… you should still check out Hercules & Love Affair. i dunno why, but i thought of you when i heard them :-/

  4. jacobw:

    Also on DFA, Juan Maclean’s “Happy House” may be of interest, particularly as it seems to use the riff from “do it now”…