Sunshine Jones: December Chart 2007

November was supposed to be a studio month for me, so I only had a handful of gigs. I did spend the month in the studio… but I didn’t really make the sort of progress on my new album I was hoping to. Some unexpected hassles and personal bullshit got in the way. The process has been interesting… I’m writing out the 20 songs as songs, and then remixing and re editing them for consideration for the final release. I’ve also been busy preparing re edits and remixes for the official launch of Treehouse Muzique in early 2008. I’m approaching it this way because I don’t want to just begin releasing single tunes, and incomplete records. I think it’s best to follow through and take my time to do it right. I also spend a few days in the studio with Sublevel (Doc Martin and his wife Lillia) which was fruitful and fun. So things are rolling, but in what appears to be its very own style and fashion.

  1. The Secret Field – Todd Tejre Remix – Kaoru Inoue
  2. Love Love Love – Aeroplane Remix – Low Motion Disco
  3. What am I missing? – LOTD
  4. Ultimate Love – Dub Mix – Stan Kolev
  5. Straight From The Heart – DIFYL
  6. Pacific Air Race – Aeroplane
  7. Gabin – Kiko Navarro Re Edit – La Maison
  8. The Trick – HG Remix – Panthers
  9. Caprice – Bogdan Irkük
  10. Deviate – Manuel Tur and Dplay

Secret Weapons:

  1. Hold On – Instrumental – Holy Ghost!
  2. Aeroplane – Dub Mix – Aeroplane
  3. Odyssey – Woolfy
  4. P 2 Da K – Tiger Stripes Remix – Dennis Ferrer
  5. Lonely Planet – Shit Robot

Saving my soul:

  1. Like a star – Main Mix – Alister Johnson
  2. The Return Of Starlight – Woolfy vs Projections
  3. Bring Back The Love – Prins Thomas Dub – Bebel Gilberto
  4. Make My Heart – Latrice

Sunday Soul has been growing and thriving, and my musical explorations have been beautiful. I still insist that these are inspirational times for music. We keep getting classified as “chillout” on beatport, which frustrates me at first, but then I just have to laugh. If people are really all about getting cracked over the head with the tunes at plus eight, in a half trashed atmosphere of white walls and cocktails then so be it… And I know times are tough, the generation coming of age really missed the warehouse, and we’re at war for craps sake, rent is due, and your marriage is through… I know, I know… but baby, that just doesn’t sound like fun to me.

I’m in it to win it. And the only way we’ll ever win is when we’re doing it for the music. Ain’t nothing more important in the whole wide world to me. So wherever there’s a vibe, love of music, and personal content… That’s where I’ll be. Right there with you.


  1. stagg:


    i love dancing my butt off to ‘chillout’!

  2. gino:


    thanks for posting your chart, i’m digging
    the selections.

    i love the way the music is so varied but still all

    chillout, now that’s funny, but your right the way some
    of the digital music sites classify music is messed up.

    It just goes to show you, that when your looking for music
    never search by genre.


  3. Most interesting to me is that “house” is not even a genre for the most part.
    It is the mother of all sub genres, but iTunes still doesn’t consider it valid.

    Silly, silly, silly…

    I am so grateful to be a part of something so long standing, so much bigger than my own limited views, and so rich and wonderfully textured.

    * grin *