Sunshine Jones 100% Live – Sun Klassique – September 2nd – San Diego

On September 2nd, while the weekenders are off in the expensive dust storm, we who know what’s going down every day are going to be getting it together with the Dance Klassique posse for a special event called Sun Klassique.
A day party, outdoors, with superb sound, and I will be playing 100% live again in San Diego.

Here is the Face-Page event information

Here is the ticket information



  1. Ian Dicey:

    Hey Sunshine!!
    Jennifer and I are super excited to see you this weekend. Do you know any discount code for this event? Thank you in advance and stoked to see you!

  2. Sunshine:

    Hello Ian,
    There’s no discount code. There were very inexpensive tickets at the launch, I’m not sure what they’re at now.
    But regardless this crew is close, and my homies. They need all the love and support we can give them!
    See you there!!!