Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set with John Kelley and more – Special Event in DTLA – July 7th 2019

I’m headed to Los Angeles after the 4th this summer for a very special event with New Weirdoing Order in a very special location in Downtown Los Angeles.
Here’s the event invitation from face-page
I’m playing a 100% live set along side a really unique combination of house, techno and weirdo sounds. It’s going to be beautiful, and I’m so excited!!!

Figure it out. Get there. I’d love to see you.

One Comment

  1. We love you to beyond the moon and back! At this moment we have been listening to your Maui Tropical mix now with friends and can’t wait for next week. Thanks you so much for your support in our promotions! WE <3 are so excited for the magic that you are bringing to LA. You're essence is so profound, we can't wait to share it with weirdo underground…

    love always,
    your weridos FOREVER

    Michelle & Kristoff