Sunshine Jones – 100% Live Set – Playground – July 14th Los Angeles, CA

On Bastille Day, July 14th, I’m headed down to Los Angeles to get together with some interesting heads and put something beautiful together. The Playground event is being co-produced by the 900Block crew and the Evolve crew, and it’s going to be very special. If you don’t know about the Evolve Project LA I encourage you to look into it. Interesting people with far out ideas about collaborating, and sharing space and making a world that’s connected rather than displacing, and consuming without really considering the cost, or the impact. I’m down.

So I’ll be there on this beautifully grass lines warehouse floor, with a brilliant sound system to play a 100% live set for my dear ones in Los Angeles. So many people have been after me to play in LA and I’ve just kind of hung out, feeling like the right thing would happen at the right time. Now appears to be the time.

Grab your early bird priced tickets now while they last!

Here’s more info about the event via face-page

See you there!!!


Here is the official flyer for the party, and also today (June 16th 2018) is the last day for early bird tickets! So get a discount and come buy your tickets right now!