Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set + Play Live! Seminar, Treefort Music Festival, March 26th 2022 Boise, Idaho

Oh wait, did I tell you this? I’m driving to Boise with my spaceship the weekend of March 26th and I am playing a 100% live set at the Treefort: Esthetic Evolution Showcase with Devin Rydel Kelly and a bunch of good heads.
Here is a face-page link to the event

Earlier in the evening I am offering a PLAY LIVE! Seminar where I’ll set up my spaceship and talk with you about live improvisational electronic music (the best part of these is always the Q&A after, but if you still don’t really get what I’m talking about, it’s ok, just come over to the showcase and I’ll show ya!)
Here’s the face-page link for the PLAY LIVE! Seminar