Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set – Morgana – June 14th 2018 Brooklyn

This Thursday, June 14th, I am playing a 100% live set with the amazing Ben Annand and Mikey Lion at the magically larger than life Brooklyn Mirage.

And it’s free.

RSVP For Free Entry Here

My set is a sunset set. I begin at 8pm and play until 9:30 (short and sweet!)
Tell your friends, see you there!

// Holy crap that was amazing.
Beautiful music, amazing sound, brilliant location, perfect weather, great DJ’s, magical production, and supportive and capable staff. Just totally fucking amazing.

So much love.

Love to that crowd of beautiful, open minded dancers that just grew and grew and grew.
Love to everyone who was freaking out at 8 because they wanted more people to be there when I began.
Love to Ben Annand for being so bashful when I ended right on time so he could play his whole set.
Love to Mikey Lion for being so energized and full of such effervescent love and good vibes.
Love to my angels who found and passed up the cables that fell onto the dance floor after.
Love for those magical lights (I had no idea it looked so cool.)
Love for all the cheers for equality, diversity, love, and peace and truth.
Love for all the people who had no idea who I was and needed to know after (it was me.)
Love for Gunita Nagpaul for pulling off a truly amazing night for us!

I’m still confused about why so many people think that I’m saying “never fall in love” when I’m actually saying “never fall in line… Fall in love!”
But I guess we hear what we want to hear.

I’ve needed a show like this one. Concise, clear, amazing, door, mind and heart opening.
Thank you Brooklyn. You really know your way around a party.

LOVE ///


  1. Gunita Nagpaul:


  2. Nicholas Bryan Perry:

    That’s what’s up!!

  3. Juan Carlos Escobar:

    Great set last night! Gracias TOTALES!

  4. Tom Nguyen:

    That was mind blowing Sunshine Jones!! You just converted a whole new generation with that set. We’re falling in love, maestro! ♥

  5. Forrest Roush:


  6. Kara Vereen:

    Amazing! ♥

  7. Angela Dawn:

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  8. Stephen Sheehan:

    i know too many people who avoid anything having to do with love, especially falling in love! oh no!!!

  9. Sunshine:

    @Stephen – We have our work cut out for us then, don’t we Stephen? Let’s get to work!

  10. Gunita Nagpaul:

    Thanks Sunshine for bringing your lovely vibes and words of wisdom. So much ♥

  11. Mark Kunoff:

    So, remember what Jim Morrison did on Ed Sullivan…. “Girl, we couldn’t get much… HIGHER!”

    : P

  12. Susan Eyester:

    I love that I don’t see one person in that picture holding up their phone!

  13. Lindsay Katherine:

    You inspired my husband and I so much! Can’t wait til next time! ♥

  14. Tobin Ellsworth:

    Holy crap! ♥

  15. Amy Baczkowski:

    That was the most epic shit I’ve seen! Put words to thoughts I’ve been thinking for way too long over dope beats. Bless up

  16. Brooklyn Turks:


  17. Andrea Marie:

    You are loved ♥

  18. Tom Nguyen:

    One of the many highlights of last night was when you played ‘Home’ on that massive sound system. It was spectacular!! ♥

  19. Michael K. McNamara:

    Yes please! Thanks for sharing!!

  20. Todd Powers:

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  21. Andrew Larcombe:

    The real deal baby, thank you I needed that. And I got to see you use that scooper.

  22. Sunshine:

    @Andrew – I LOVE that silly little thing.