Sunshine Jones 100% Live At Home – Dec 30th 2022 – Monarch, SF

December 30th 2022

Dear ones,
it’s been quite a year, hasn’t it?
My stars, all the things…

How does a 100% live set from me, some time together, lovely music and dancing on Friday December 30th in San Francisco sound?

If you’re around, home for or from the holidays, wanna get together?
Chocolate Sushi, Olivia and I would love to see you down in the glorious basement of Monarch one last time before we shake off this heavy, heavy year. Seems like something personal would be the right ending for this wild year. I don’t wanna talk about it anymore. I wanna dance with you and find a way to celebrate, connect and fill us up with love, and then just let go…

I’m sure there are tickets available somewhere, let me know if you need guest list (that would be lousy if you couldn’t get out because of dough, I don’t care, I want you there!) Just get pretty, and let’s get down.
The night before the big night. Sounds perfect to me. Sounds all right.

See you soon.