Sunshine Jones 100% at Dance Klassique 20 Year Anniversary – Wednesday February 19th 2020

// Twenty years ago three friends got together and started a dance party.
Wednesday nights, a night near and dear to my heart, and Joe Pea, Ryan Bauer, and Andy Gomez brought the vibe, the music, and the celebration to a San Diego which had almost forgotten the love of House.

Through the lean years where we weren’t sure we would survive, these heroes were true, loving and beautiful.
I couldn’t feel more gratitude, pride or love for this crew. They are the light, and the truth.

And on February 19th I’m returning to San Diego to play more than a 100% live set with them.
I’m bringing someone I think you’ll all be delighted to see.
Something we haven’t done in years.
Something reaching back to 1993 at Ole Madrid with @markequark and how this all got started in the first place.
It’s gonna blow your mind.

San Diego, I adore you. See you on the 19th.