Sunday Soul Unlimited – Vancouver – April 24th 2011

“Broadcasting live from Shine Nightclub – 364 Water Street, Vancouver BC
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  1. Sunshine:

    I’m absolutely gutted to tell you this…

    The power and internet connection here at the club has all my devices going squirley… and that means that I will not be able to broadcast Sunday Soul Unlimited live from Vancouver tonight.

    I am not even sure if I’ll be able to record an archive for you.

    So this will have to be one that you just had to be here for.

    I love you
    and I’ll see you next week.


  2. Sunshine:

    Sunday Soul is live on monday night
    right now

    Join us!

  3. Sunshine:

    All done with the make-up – thank you baby, i love you. See you next Sunday!

  4. Sunshine:

    In the song “saved by zero,” Cy Curnin was making reference to a couple of things. He referenced Bob Dylan’s classic “Like a rolling stone” where in the most curious poetry he very visually expressed the idea that “When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose.” While Dylan was cute and somewhat bitter about it, Curnin was saying that rather than rubbing anyone’s nose in this type of stripping down of the ego, rather it was a common human experience, and it was a good thing, a way of being “saved.”

    Zero is also the number we used to dial for help – before 911 – we would call 0 and the operator would answer, we could say something urgent like, “Get me the police!” and the human being on the other end of the line would plug the tty cable into the socket that connected this call to the police emergency line and help would arrive.

    Also, in Kabalistic enumeration, zero is the source of all spiritual energy. “Ten sephirot of nothingness,” and expresses how the human soul is a mirror of the divine. When ten divides by zero, we are one with all things, and gone to god.

    I was eating a taco in the Castro with my friend Sarah when this song came over the speakers. Typically I cringe a little at the 80’s revival – I know I tend to take things a little too seriously when it comes to music, but the 80’s weren’t the best time – a lot of death – and while one of my oldest and sweetest Mr. Thayne Green will remind me that the 80’s were a wonderful period in our lives where we entered the decade drinking, gobbling quaaludes, and sleeping with johns, we left it as men full of love, educated, seasoned, and beautiful. We survived. I still often feel this parade of ghosts and can’t forget all the death that surrounded me as that period unfolded. However I was never into the Fixx. I assumed they were just another rock band who cut the sides of their hair to look more modern, and added a synthesizer in order to update their sound. I paid them no mind. Still, this song brought back an entire flow of memories – positive ones – which were locked up and stowed somewhere within me. Returning home I went and bought it, and listened. Delighted, I decided that it would make an easy re edit for this week’s broadcast. And so it did.

    The show itself was meant to be broadcast live from Shine Nightclub on the 24th, but two things went wrong – the internet connection at the club just wasn’t robust enough to execute a transmission (James was right, I should have asked him to please bring that extra long ethernet cable,) and my USB hub choked on me. So there was a choice to be made – the control surface, or the broadcasting audio card. It didn’t make sense to broadcast without music, so the only choice I could make was to play live, and make it up to my listeners somehow. And that’s what I did. I returned hom on Monday night, and hit the studio and played a make-up set for you following Ryan D’s breathtakingly beautiful edition of D(evoted.) And so I tried to build a theme which might express this peeling of the self down to zero, waves of energy rising up, and then falling away. With each wave, there is more joy, more light, more energy, and the words turned out to be an expression of this momentum, that love, and light, and hope are within us, and with each delay’s decay our resistance to love is eroded sweetly, until the raw disco sounds of Ashford and Simpson bring us home.

    The trip to Vancouver was lovely. I spent time walking the rainy streets looking for the Vancouver I remember. I smoked my first cigarette in Gastown in 1977. I acted on my first crush in Vancouver – I walked right up to this sweet, summer faced girl named Megan who was making little bubble out of spit on her tongue and said “Hi.” She showed me how to do it, and I’ve taught many others too – I rode in the back of a van from San Francisco to Vancouver in 1979 to go see DOA play. It was a great show, but it ended up taking two months to get home. I spent a summer hanging out with very long haired Nanaimo boys smoking amazing hash and playing ultimate frisbee (it was supposed to be a punishment trip, but I made the best of it.) For me Vancouver lives as a long haired, loving, wide open place where people are as easy about talking, and loving as they are about rock climbing, and hiking. I found a very different place, and walked the streets in the rain looking for something from the past to bring it together for me. I found well developed businesses, and graphic design which made me stop and stare, a taqueria full of English chefs – not a Guatemalan in sight – and streets full of hollow people who came walking slowly toward me whenever I stepped outside for a cigarette. I handed out a pack of cigarettes, and gave away at least 40 gold loonys. Finally, walking down Granville Street, I was confronted by the most beautiful cherry blossom tree. In the fuji film grey the pink of her blossoms were overwhelming. I fell to my knees and burst into tears. When I had let it all out, I lifted my head and the sky had parted, and the sun showed through the grey. I realized that while I couldn’t find her, but she was right there. I got up, and went on with my day as if I hadn’t been searching for anything.

    My host James was amazing, and inspirational. We had a lot to talk about, and spent some time playing with his circuit bent TR-707. It’s been a long time since I spent any time in someone else’s studio. It felt like I met and reconnected with pieces of me which have truly been missing.

    And so it seems that it may very well be a virtue to return to zero, to toil over the math and divide the divine by zero, and return to these places we once knew, and come forward again. Saved, if you will, by the journey itself.

    Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul Unlimited – Vancouver:

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. I Can See The Sun In Late December – Troy’s Edit – Roberta Flack
    * intro
    3. Untitled Love – Still Going
    4. Just A Bitter Love – The Dead Rose Music Company
    5. Saved By Zero – Sunshine Jones Re Edit – The Fixx
    6. I’m Feelin You – Henrik Schwarz Remix – Omar vs. Stevie Wonder
    7. When You Love Someone – Daphne
    8. Purple Drank – Axel Boman
    * sweet summer face
    9. Una Domenica Italiana – Cécile & Delphi
    * celebrate the loss
    10. You Got The Love – Edmund
    * what you’re looking for is already yours
    11. December – Instrumental – Massivan
    12. Pantha du Prince – Asha
    * Fall Down
    13. Tonight – Unders Remix – Eddie Hoey
    14. Blue Road – Sunshine Jones Remix – Masterchris
    15. Warm Sun On My Face – Sunshine Jones *
    16. Perradulta – Massivan
    17. Pacific Break – Reverso 68 Mix – The Beat Broker
    18. Shameless – Still Going Remix – Bryan Ferry
    19. You Are in My System – Robert Palmer
    20. Blackjoy – La Stache – Moustache
    21. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    22. Love Don’t Make It Right – Ashford & Simpson
    23. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running Time: 02 Hours 24 Minutes 09 Seconds
    * performed live

    Listen to the Archive:
    The archive for this broadcast is posted now for your pleasure both in the bottom of the community page at — my little tiny record label — as well as in the footer of — the home page of this broadcast — There you can stream the transmission again, or download it for your iPod if you like. You can also click the download link on your iPhone or iPad and simply stream it and enjoy it in real time wherever you have a data connection.

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    Thank you for listening. See you next week!

  5. Christina Toms:

    I love you, Sunshine :)

  6. James Boatman:

    Truly a gift…You and your music.

  7. Barbara Franklin:

    thank you again for the make up show another truly incredible set for the history books

  8. Gabriel Correa:

    I’m feelin’ you! such a good song! such a good mix of music! thank you once again…

  9. Ocean's Edge:

    what a beautiful way to describe going back to zero–being saved. a few months back, i felt like i had gained so much and was experiencing so much happiness, i didn’t know what to do with it all. i realize now that i wasn’t able to appreciate it as much as i could have because of how overwhelmed i was.
    now, back to zero is how i feel… it seems everything i’ve gained is slipping away from me. but there should be some way to flip it and see some positive in it, right? my zero now is the zero people used to dial for help…
    the only difference is, no one but me and my own spiritual energy (though lacking at the moment), is going to come to my rescue. wish me luck!
    THANK YOU for making up Sunday Soul last night. it was truly a gift, as are you :) ♥

  10. Ashley O'Hara:

    “Get me the police!” … plug me in! ♥

  11. Tony Covine: