Sunday Soul: Toronto: featuring special guest Hal Wong: October 12th 2008

Broadcasting at 10pm eastern time this week
Featuring special guest: Hal Wong

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  1. Sunday Soul is live now: join us!

  2. all done for tonight. thank you for listening!

  3. Last night’s transmission was fantastique! After a lovely night in Halifax with Sarah and Mark and the posse (where I was saved by Eric and Nick’s knowhow) and a off the chain five and a half hour set in Toronto with Freedom, Hali, Mike and Leanne, I grabbed a little sleep and then made it over to Hali’s place where we got together and did a beautiful three for three. Hali and I seem to have a chemistry neither one of us expected. People came and went, danced and sang and talked… one couple was dancing front to back the entire time, gently stroking one another, and sharing a very sensual energy with Hali and I. When they turned around and started kissing softly, it brought everything together in the room. The broadcast was very well attended, and the chat was wonderful. The night, over all, was one of the most fun in my recent memories. I didn’t sing too much, but I think that maybe this was the best performance of ‘We are what we are’ out of me since I wrote the song. Passion, love, free-mouthed, and present… ah, i can feel the blessings from here. Thank you.

    Here is the tracklisting for Sunday Soul: TORONTO

    1. Sunday Soul – program ID

    2. Caprice – Bogdan Irku k
    3. Wake up and make love with me – Sunshine Jones
    4. Take A Break – Maurice Fulton Remix – Rollmottle
    * Ungh… – No More Vodka Mix
    5. Bonafied Lovin – Sweetlight Remix – Chromeo

    6. Stimming – Kleine Nachtmuzik
    7. Ryo Murakuma – Down The Sky (argy)
    8. Chic Miniture – Escandalo

    9.. Auf Dem Hof – Kalabrese
    10. I Feel Space – Lindstrom
    11. You Sexy Thing – Sunshine Jones’ Re Edit – Hot Chocolate

    12. Computer Love – Candy?
    13. Fred Everything – St. Viateur
    14. Amp Dog Knight – I’m doing fine

    15. Woman – House Dub – The Square Egg
    16. Black Sun – SoSoul Mix – Stephen Rigmaiden
    17. So̱ando Contigo РSunshine Jones Extended Remix РKiko Navarro

    18. Vincenzo – The fruit fly – The Fruity Steve Bug Mix)
    19. Lars Berenroth – Ice On The Sun
    20. Stimming and H.O.S.H. – Radar

    21. Original – Phonique
    22. Nervous Acid – DJ Buck
    23. Another Chance – Astraglide’s Deep Remix – Difyl

    Matthias Tanzmann – flight mode
    Audion – Billy Says Go
    Stimming – The Anger

    14. Half Inch Jack – Filthy Cow
    * She makes the whole wide world go round
    15. Oblivion – Dixon’s Edit – I Cube
    * Higher – version
    16. We Are What We Are – Sunshine Jones *

    Tower of power – There is only so much oil in the ground
    Sharon Jones – This land is your land

    24. Sunday Soul – program ID
    25. I Love You My Hope (Do Right Remix)

    Total running time: 3 hours and 48 seconds
    * Live performance

    The archive for this broadcast is posted up now at the bottom of the community pages at Treehouse Muzique (my record label) and also at the bottom of Sunday Soul (the web site for this show.) You can download it, stream it, and open it up in a new window and listen freely. Enjoy!

    I’ve had a beautiful trip, and am about to head for home.

    See you next week from my treehouse in San Francisco.